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Chevron takeaways: Ruling removes tool from regulators | Associated Press

Cara Horowitz, an environmental law professor and executive director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA School of Law, said the decision “takes more tools out of the toolbox of federal regulators.” “By definition, statutes typically don’t clearly define how agencies should tackle new and emerging threats, like climate change, that weren’t well understood when these decades-old statutes were written,″ she said. (Also: UCLA’s Ann Carlson was quoted by CNN and UCLA’s Mary Nichols was quoted by the Bay Area News Group.)

Supreme Court rules on how cities can handle the homeless crisis | KCAL-TV

“This is troubling. It’s troubling on a number of levels, because number one, what’s it’s telling is that the unhoused are going to be further criminalized,” said UCLA’s Tyrone Howard. (Howard was also interviewed by KCAL-TV about Donald Trump and presidential immunity from prosecution.)

What happens if Joe Biden is replaced on the ballot | CNN

“The way that the rules work, they’re pretty loose on the Democratic side. Even today, if Joe Biden continued to stay in the race and delegates wanted to vote for someone else, they’d have the legal ability, and politically it would never happen,” said UCLA’s Rick Hasen.

Child labor exploitation in L.A. | La Opinión

“This exploitation is happening in many states, especially where there are meat processing factories and in industries where there are especially undocumented people,” said Victor Narro, a member of the UCLA Labor Center. (Translated from Spanish.)

The latest on COVID vaccines | KABC-TV

“Getting hospitalized or dying are not the only bad effects of COVID … We have seen lots of heart attacks and strokes, even in young people, because COVID itself really causes increased blood clotting,” said UCLA’s Dr. Otto Yang.

With mpox cases on the rise, advocates urge vaccinations | CBS News

“Since mpox is not really in the news right now, they don’t necessarily feel a need,” Army Cachero told CBS News. Cachero and the public health outreach team at the University of California, Los Angeles are concerned about a resurgence of mpox, which broke out across the U.S. and other countries in 2022. Only 23% of those at risk nationwide are vaccinated. 

Limiting ultra-processed foods isn’t automatically healthy | United Press International

However, ultra-processed foods can contribute significantly to obesity and related chronic diseases if they contain high added sugars, unhealthy fats and artificial additives and have low nutritional value, said Dr. Zhaoping Li, a professor of medicine and director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Major heat wave expected over holiday week | Los Angeles Times

Daniel Swain, a UCLA climate scientist, said the “major heat wave” also has the potential to bring hot temperatures to the coast, which he called uncommon for early July.

What does it take to get Gen Z to the theater?  | Yahoo Entertainment

According to UCLA’s October 2023 Teens and Screens report, which surveyed 1,500 people ages 10-24, Gen Z is also looking for content “centered around friendships and platonic relationships” over “forced” romance, as well as storylines that reflect “real life” versus unrealistic ones but are nevertheless hopeful, uplifting and authentic. “Adolescents are looking to media as a ‘third place’ where they can connect and have a sense of belonging,” Stephanie Rivas-Lara, the UCLA study’s first author, said in a statement.

Texas upholds ban on youth gender transitions | Associated Press

A legal challenge to the Texas law argued that it devastates transgender teens who are unable to obtain critical treatment recommended by their physicians and parents. The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimates that about 29,800 people ages 13 to 17 in Texas identify as transgender.