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UCLA creates research project for Latina futures | City News Service

Two women and UCLA are joining together to create Latina Futures, 2050 Lab, a project to support research, collect and analyze data, and provide insights on the experiences of Latinas across the country and policies that affect their lives, it was announced by UCLA. Veronica Terriquez, director of UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center, said Latinas and other women of color have dealt with economic, social, political and health crises disproportionately, and their needs have been overlooked by policymakers. She is collaborating with Sonja Diaz, founding director of the Latino Policy & Politics Institute, on the project at UCLA. (Terriquez and Diaz are quoted. Diaz was also interviewed by KPCC-FM.)

Supreme Court justices and the right to privacy | Washington Post

There’s also a federal law that prohibits picketing outside the homes of judges and others involved in the court system “with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer, in the discharge of his duty.” But in the case of pickets motivated by the abortion ruling, as UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh has noted, “Such an intent may be hard to prove, especially after the decision has been handed down, and the justices have already discharged their duties.”

Elon Musk may be sued by Twitter | USA Today

“The question is whether or not this is really material information,” UCLA law professor James Park said. “It should be fairly obvious that there’s potentially fake spam accounts at a company like Twitter.” “(Musk) can make this argument, but I think it’s a weak one,” he said. “To me, this is just a pretext for him to pull out of the deal.”

How Hollywood is responding states with abortion restrictions | Hollywood Reporter

Jonathan Kuntz, a film historian at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, notes that the entertainment industry has historically been averse to taking political action, especially when money’s on the line. While the majority of Hollywood leans progressive, viewers are not confined to one side of the aisle. After all, conservatives watch movies too.

The scramble for abortions in states where they’re banned | Politico

UCLA’s Center on Reproductive Health, Law, and Policy estimates that between 8,000 and 16,100 people will travel to California each year for an abortion with Roe overturned. (Also: New York Times and  Press-Enterprise.)

E-scooter rentals aren’t as green as you think | Wired

But research indicates that rental e-scooters haven’t actually reduced carbon emissions in cities. It’s complicated, says Juan Matute, deputy director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. There are plenty of circumstances in which e-scooter programs can be green, he says, but it depends on how and where they’re operating.

Feminizing facial surgery and trans people’s mental health | HealthDay News

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), compared the mental health of 107 patients awaiting surgery to that of 62 individuals who had completed it roughly six months earlier. People who had received the procedure reported higher scores in seven of 11 measures of psychosocial health: anxiety; anger; depression; global mental health; positive moods; social isolation; and meaning and purpose.  (UCLA’s Dr. Justine Lee is quoted.)

Biden’s approach to China as inflation rises | Insider

“There are things we can do and one of them is certainly lowering tariffs,” Kimberly Clausing, an economics professor at the University of California Los Angeles and former senior tax advisor to the Biden administration, said in an interview.  “Even if it is a small effect, it’s an effect in the right direction and it’s worth doing.”

Government should pick up tab for American education | USA Today

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Natasha Quadlin) Many Americans question the cost and value of a college education today, according to a new USA TODAY/Public Agenda Hidden Common Ground poll. And of the multiple higher education options available, many see a two-year community college as a more reasonable investment, according to the poll. 

Why some women have a phobia becoming pregnant | Yahoo Life

While it’s normal to have some concerns about pregnancy, people with tokophobia “present with severe distress and avoidant thoughts and behaviors, to an extent that extends beyond what can be considered a normal reaction,” Dr. Misty Richards, a psychiatrist who specializes in perinatal mental health at UCLA Health, tells Yahoo Life.

Losing a loved one can be life-threatening | Time

That squares with what other studies have found, says Dr. Gregg Fonarow, director of the Ahmanson–UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center (who was not connected with the study). “The risk of death after the loss of a loved one is most elevated in the first few weeks and over the first year,” he says.

Firearms, many illegal, are ubiquitous in N.Y. | New York Times

The stunning figures emerged as New York braces for what could be a surge in gun ownership within the state’s borders after a Supreme Court decision last month overturned a law that made it difficult to own or carry a handgun legally. “It kind of leaves the police with fewer strategies,” said Ron Avi Astor, a professor who studies gun violence at the University of California, Los Angeles.

U.S. may be losing the fight against monkeypox | New York Times

“Why is it so hard for something that’s even a known pathogen?” asked Anne Rimoin, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who first warned of monkeypox outbreaks more than a decade ago. “How many more times do we have to go through this?” (Rimoin was also quoted about monkeypox by National Geographic.)

The future for UCLA’s tiny 3D-printed robots | Los Angeles Times

UCLA researchers have developed materials that allow tiny robots to become autonomous after receiving basic commands. The results of their study were published in the journal Science in partnership with researchers from Virginia Tech, UC San Diego and Texas A&M University. (UCLA’s Rayne Zheng and Haotian Lu are interviewed.)

Addressing pandemic learning loss | Spectrum News 1

“$122 billion is a significant investment in helping schools and states to figure out how to get students back on track. The Biden Administration also has said that they want to identify 250,000 tutors over the next three years. And they have also set up best-practices clearinghouses so that states and districts know where to go to be able to find the support that their students might need,” said UCLA’s Tyrone Howard.

The latest on the war in Ukraine | CNN

“President Putin sometimes says exactly what he thinks, and sometimes he says exactly the opposite of what he’s really thinking. And I think it’s the second option in this case. The Russian military is very aware of having suffered serious losses. Most analysts think that really, they’re in the last stage of what they’ll be able to accomplish … until they get more reinforcements of fresh troops,” said UCLA’s Daniel Treisman.

The Wild West’s effect on gun culture | The Conversation

As UCLA constitutional law professor Adam Winkler puts it, “Guns were widespread on the frontier, but so was gun regulation … Wild West lawmen took gun control seriously, and frequently arrested people who violated their town’s gun control laws.”