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The history and revival of Southern California’s aerospace industry | KCET-TV

“In the past decade, there actually has been a resurgence in investments and in programs that for which Southern California companies are major contributors,” said Ann Karagozian, professor at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and director of the Collaborative Center for Aerospace Studies. Having grown up in Los Angeles and attended local universities UCLA and Caltech, she has watched how the industry reemerges and impacts the surrounding region. Its growth and evolution have always been closely tied to the culture, politics, and geography of Southern California. As such, it has had a great influence on the area.

A California school board has voted to paint over a mural. Educators want to save it | USA Today

Ultimately, the board called its decision a form of reparations for the communities offended by the mural. Academics disagree — including Paul Von Blum, senior lecturer in African American studies and communications studies at University of California, Los Angeles. He said high school students should confront the harsh realities in the mural. “I know it causes students to cringe, but that’s the function of art,” Von Blum said. “And art should never be censored.”

The first homeless shelter for LGBTQ youths in Sacramento opens its doors | Sacramento Bee

A supplemental survey carried out by the Center and the Homeless Youth Task Force found 38 percent of homeless youths identify as LGBTQ, a figure more consistent with the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law’s finding that between 30 and 43 percent of homeless youths identify as LGBT.

An important breakthrough for Hispanic voters | Washington Post Opinion

Reinforcing findings from a study from UCLA, Univision researchers found that, among Hispanic voters, there were “across the board voter registration and turnout increases in the key primary and general election states of Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.” These were extremely significant, especially since this particular study did not include California, Florida and Texas, which were the subject of the UCLA study.

Little, transparent fish show sleep is at least 450 million years old | Smithsonian

While the new technology used to image the sleeping fish is being widely praised, Jenny Howard at National Geographic reports that not everyone thinks the sleep cycles in the fish are analogous to mammals. For one thing, sleep scientist Jerry Siegel at the University of California, Los Angeles, points out that the researchers looked at very young fish, and that sleep patterns in juveniles and adults are almost universally different in the animal kingdom. “You can’t just say sleep is sleep,” he says, pointing out that among mammals sleep patterns are incredibly varied with some species getting three hours of shut-eye per day and others drifting off for 20 hours. Some animals have REM cycles, and some do not.

Outfest finds its new executive director ahead of its flagship film festival | Deadline

Outfest’s programs that also will be under his purview include Outfest Forward, a series of educational and mentoring programs dedicated to developing emerging content, such as the Outfest Screenwriting Lab; the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, a partnership between Outfest and the UCLA Film & Television Archive exclusively dedicated to preserving and restoring LGBTQ moving images; and the Outfest Fusion LGBTQ People of Color Film Festival.

Dems want to declare a climate emergency. Don’t worry about the right co-opting it | HuffPost

“This resolution is all about formally declaring the depth and breadth of the challenges that climate change will cause — creating need for a ‘massive scale mobilization,’” said Sean Hecht, co-executive director at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law’s Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. “I can see how someone might call those challenges an ‘emergency’ given the need for prompt, massive action.”

A near-fatal Valley Fever case opens doors to new treatment method | Medical Xpress

“Abraham’s immune system wasn’t responding adequately,” [UCLA’s Manish] Butte said. “We needed to find out why in order to save his life.” The peculiar mystery led Butte’s colleague Dr. Maria Garcia-Lloret, a professor of pediatric allergy and immunology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, to consider an alternative approach. Perhaps, rather than trying to simply supplement the work of Abraham’s immune system, it needed to be rebooted altogether.

Antibiotic stewardship intervention improves prescribing for acute respiratory infection | Scienmag

Commenting on the study is David A. Talan, MD, professor of medicine in residence, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.… “While this study did not demonstrate a significant reduction in inappropriate antibiotic use for upper respiratory tract infections with an enhanced educational campaign supplemented by peer comparison, the good news is that its rates are already remarkably low in some emergency departments (EDs), and these campaigns appear feasible for EDs seeking more comprehensive models to improve stewardship and for application to other targets, such as urinary tract infections and shotgun empirical broad-spectrum IV treatments.”

City dwellers can have an outsized impact on curbing global warming | Phys.org

The report also recommended changing shopping habits, like extending the lifetime of computers and other electronic devices and buying fewer clothes…. That can be a challenge, since many people want to keep up with trends, said Stephanie Pincetl, director of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA, who was not involved in the report. Pincetl recommends buying high-quality items that will last a long time. “It sounds like deprivation, but it’s also a way to make your consumption much more thoughtful.”

Ten places to explore space around SoCal | KCET

The UCLA Meteorite Collection: With over 2500 different meteorite samples, the University of California, Los Angeles is home to the largest meteorite collection on the West Coast. While most of the meteorites are used for research purposes, a hundred of the samples are on display to the public, and you can see them yourself by visiting room 3697 in the Geology Building. Many of the samples come from meteorites that were found here in California.

Something for the summer: Guatemalan masks at the Fowler Museum | KTLA-TV

This exhibition features 80 masks depicting animals, folk personae, and historical figures that are deeply rooted in Guatemalan religiosity and popular culture.

New California bill would make it easier for gig workers to be classified as employees | KCRW-FM

“This would have a huge impact on thousands and thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers throughout the state of California who would be eligible for employment insurance, overtime pay, workers’ compensation and a guaranteed minimum wage,” said UCLA’s Kent Wong.