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Tai chi can benefit breast cancer survivors in many ways | HealthDay News

Tai Chi appears to improve sleep, and as a result reduces inflammation and boosts the immune systems of breast cancer survivors, a new study says … “Effective treatment of insomnia has potent impacts on the immune system,” said lead researcher Dr. Michael Irwin, director of UCLA Health’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. (Also: KTLA-TV.)

UCLA surgeon discusses firework dangers ahead of holiday | KCAL-TV

“This is about the time every year where you hear the fireworks start going off at night and we start seeing the injuries come into the emergency room,” said UCLA’s Dr. Jennifer Hsu.

Wildfire smoke kills thousands a year. It doesn’t have to | Los Angeles Times

(Commentary by UCLA’s Rachel Connolly and Michael Jerrett) When wildfires rage, the immediate threat is obvious — but smoke from the fires actually kills far more people than the flames do. It doesn’t have to be so deadly.

Extended heat wave brings extreme health, fire risk | Los Angeles Times

“This will be a statewide heat event and it may last quite a long time — beginning July 1 and perhaps not meaningfully receding until July 8 [or] 9 (or even later in some spots),” UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain wrote in a blog post Sunday. “Across inland areas, as well as at higher elevations, it’s entirely possible that temperatures may be continuously above average for the next 2+ weeks–straight, into mid-July.”

Is Trump immune from charges because he was president? | USA Today

“The Supreme Court has put out a fact-intensive test on the boundaries of the president’s immunity — with a huge thumb on the scale favoring the president’s immunity — in a way that will surely push this case past the election,” said Rick Hasen, a law professor at UCLA. (Hasen was also featured by NPR’s “Morning Edition.”)

The Spotify conspiracy theories about “Espresso,” explained | Vox

“When publicity is valuable, people will inevitably find ways to pay for it,” says Gabriel Rossman, a sociologist at UCLA who studies bribery in the music industry.

Do you really need sunscreen every day? | New York Times

Our bodies need vitamin D to absorb calcium and stave off conditions like osteoporosis, said Dr. Robert Ashley, an internal medicine doctor at UCLA Health. When we’re exposed to UV rays, our skin cells produce vitamin D. But you can also get vitamin D through your diet, Dr. Ashley said.

Black communities in L.A. face another cycle of loss | Los Angeles Times

However, a UCLA study of the pilot program revealed that racial disproportionality persists, demonstrating how deep-seated child welfare biases are. For blind removal to be effective in eliminating racial disparities, it must be supplemented by greater transparency, expanded civilian review boards and training in implicit bias.