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UCLA’s diverse new class is most accomplished ever | Los Angeles Times

“This is the strongest class academically that we have seen in our history,” said Youlonda Copeland-Morgan, UCLA vice provost of enrollment management … At UCLA, for instance, 34% of California incoming freshmen were Black, Latino, American Indian and Pacific Islander students — the largest proportion of such groups in three decades. Black students made up 7% of admitted freshmen, a share matched only by Merced among UC campuses and one that has doubled over the last decade. (Also: City News Service, MyNewsLA, KCBS-TV, KABC-TV and KPCC-TV.)

Will California need a new mask mandate?  | Los Angeles Times

Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, medical epidemiologist and infectious-diseases expert at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, called Los Angeles County’s indoor mask mandate the “simplest approach” to addressing the increased spread of COVID-19 … “Wearing a mask is a very small price to pay for being able to improve the situation and reverse this upward trend,” Kim-Farley said. (Kim-Farley is also quoted by the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News.)

Heart failure tied to increased cancer risk | New York Times

“I think it is an interesting retrospective cohort study,” said Dr. Girish L. Kalra, a senior cardiology fellow at the David Geffen School of Medicine at U.C.L.A., who was not involved in the work. “The primary shortcoming of the study is that the database did not allow investigators to control for the single greatest risk for developing cancer and heart disease: smoking. Cigarette smoking may be the common thread in this study.”

COVID cases increasing in all 50 states | MSNBC

“The thing is about this Delta variant is that it is so much more transmissible. Why is it more transmissible? Because there is so much more virus being shed. It’s approximately a thousand times more viral particles that are being shed in a case infected with Delta than the previous strains or variants that we’ve seen here,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin.