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The coziest spot on the moon | Atlantic

Using data from a spacecraft in orbit around the moon, scientists have studied a cavern on the lunar surface and discovered that part of it has a pleasantly cool temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit (about 17 degrees Celsius). This cavern is shaped like a cylinder, and extends about 328 feet (100 meters) down from the surface—about the height of a 30-story building… Compared with the lunar surface up above, “it’s very cozy,” Tyler Horvath, the UCLA planetary scientist who led the new research, told me. (Also: ScienceDaily.)

Exodus of residents from state continues | Los Angeles Times

Although California has relied on immigration to offset its population decline for the past two decades, that flow has also shrunk, according to UCLA economics professor Lee Ohanian … “[California is] at a risk for becoming a state for very, very wealthy people and very, very low earners who receive state and local and federal aid that allows them to be able to live here,” Ohanian said. “We should worry about those in the middle who are earning that $78,000 household median income and is, at the end of the day, really struggling, especially if they have interest in buying a home.”

‘Special circumstances’ legal rule must change | Los Angeles Times

Alisa Bierria, a gender studies professor at UCLA and an anti-violence advocate who works to end the criminalization of survivors of domestic and sexual violence, said at a news conference on June 1 that current law in California is “so extreme.” “If you have a law that punishes people for something that someone else did, that law will disproportionately impact victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking because those victims cannot extract themselves from abusive individuals,” Bierria said. She and others say that Black women — such as Cooper — are often the most vulnerable.

Dips in GDP may not mean a recession | Christian Science Monitor

Many economists see recessions as unfortunate overreactions at the troughs of business cycles. Edward Leamer, an economist with the UCLA Anderson Forecast, calls them pathologies, which wouldn’t have to happen if the nation’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, did a better job managing the economy.

Are we entering a recession? | KABC-TV

“This might mean that we’re entering a recession. There are some signals that we’re at the start of a recession … The data is very mixed. The really big one, especially, is employment. Employment is still growing,” said UCLA’s Leo Feler (approx. 1:30 mark).

How 6 states could overturn the 2024 election | Atlantic

The pernicious threat of [the independent state legislature theory], wrote Richard L. Hasen, an election-law expert at UCLA, is that “a state legislature dominated by Republicans in a state won by Democrats could simply meet and declare that local administrators or courts have deviated from the legislature’s own rules, and therefore the legislature will take matters into its own hands and choose its own slate of electors.”

2020 election deniers trying to control voting | National Public Radio

Should any of those candidates win in November and be elected a state election head, that could present two fundamental issues, says Rick Hasen, director of the Safeguarding Democracy Project at UCLA. “One: Are they going to administer elections fairly? And two: Even if they do, are others going to believe that they administer elections fairly?” said Hasen, speaking with NPR’s 1A. “It really can lead to a massive decline in both experience on the ground and confidence that our elections are going to be fairly conducted.”

SEC scrutiny of digital currencies | Bloomberg Tax

“The uncertainties and competing visions about crypto regulation are coming to a head,” said Andrew Verstein, a professor of law at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Postpartum depression rose during COVID. Is there help? | KPCC-FM

“The UCLA Maternal Outpatient Mental Services Clinic, or short, MOMS Clinic, is in the Department of OB-GYN. It was established in 2019, right after the passing of that California AB 2193 law, that mandated that every person who is pregnant be screened for any type of mental health condition during the perinatal period,” said UCLA’s Dr. Misty Richards (approx. 10:40 mark).

Delaying reinstating COVID mask mandate | KPCC-FM

“CDC has issued some recommendations, and you can take them or not take them. The recommendations have to do with contagiousness and severity of disease. L.A. County has passed the criteria to go into the highest category. Dr. Ferrer has said that if that happens, and it maintains itself for two weeks, that she will reinstitute the masking mandate,” said UCLA’s Dr. Peter Katona (approx. 0:55 mark. UCLA’s Zev Yaroslavsky was interviewed about mask mandates by KCAL-TV — approx. 1:25 mark).