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Biden stands his ground in campaign | LAist 89.3-FM’s “AirTalk”

“And that is because the thing that Joe Biden has been saying is the reason to vote for him instead of Donald Trump — if you’re on the fence — he says ‘I tell the truth, the other guy doesn’t,’” said UCLA’s Lynn Vavreck (approx. 3:10 mark).

Why Biden should get tested, make results public | Los Angeles Times

“When I was watching the debate,” said Dr. Michael Mahler, who’s on the UCLA faculty, “there were clues to me” that Biden, 81, was probably dealing with more than the normal challenges of aging.

A history of, like, the totally Valley Girl accent | LAist 89.3-FM’s “AirTalk”

“The Valley Girl accent is a little bit of a holdover from that era of Frank Zappa and Moon Unit Zappa. What people used to call the Valley Girl accent had a particular set of slang terms that people don’t really use anymore, like ‘gag me with a spoon.’ And some that people still use, like ‘for sure.’” said UCLA’s Norma Mendoza-Denton (approx. 3:00 mark).

Gambling enters the family zone | The Atlantic

Smartphones have thus habituated people to an expectation of stimulation — and potential reward — at every moment. “You’re constantly surrounded by the ability to change your neurochemistry by a simple click,” Timothy Fong, a UCLA psychiatry professor and a co-director of the university’s gambling-studies program, told me. “There’s this idea that we have to have excessive dopamine with every experience in our life.”

‘Unprecedented’ heat wave brings all-time highs | Los Angeles Times

UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said in a weekend briefing that this weather is part of a larger trend of warmer temperatures over time. “There are people in California who have experienced not only the hottest day that they’ve ever experienced but also the hottest day that their parents or grandparents ever would have experienced,” Swain said.

Insomnia drug found to prevent opioid addiction in mice | Scienmag

New research led by UCLA Health has found a drug that treats insomnia works to prevent the addictive effects of the morphine opioids in mice while still providing effective pain relief … “The annual U.S. rate of opioid overdose deaths now exceeds 80,000, greater than the annual rates of automobile or gun deaths,” said the study’s senior author, Jerome Siegel of UCLA Health’s Jane & Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, the UCLA Brain Research Institute and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.