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Wildfire smoke linked to early deaths | NPR’s “All Things Considered”

Rachel Connolly grew up in California, a state that has always been plagued by wildfires. She remembers one really bad year in high school in 2008 … Now she’s a scientist at UCLA who studies an increasingly urgent topic the health effects of wildfire smoke. (Connolly was featured. Also: The Guardian, Agence France-Presse, Fox Weather, Science News and STAT.)

Slugs and snails prefer Los Angeles city life over rural areas | Earth.com

Slugs and snails, in bustling urban environments, typically shy away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, a recent study suggests these mollusks are unique exceptions, showing a surprising preference for the urban landscapes of Los Angeles … The study, conducted by researchers including Joseph Curti from the University of California, Los Angeles, utilized iNaturalist — a comprehensive database of species observations by both professional scientists and community scientists.

Would congestion pricing reduce L.A. traffic? | KNX-FM

KNX News Chief Correspondent Charles Feldman asked that question to Michael Manville, an urban planning professor at UCLA. Manville said what happened in New York is a “cautionary tale” for supporters of congestion pricing. “That had been the furthest that a conventional congestion pricing program had gotten in the United States to date,” he said. “And of course, the governor shelved it.”

Slim majority of Americans say changing gender morally wrong | The Hill

“For the second straight year, hundreds of bills impacting transgender youth were introduced in state legislatures,” said Elana Redfield, federal policy director at the Williams Institute and the lead author of the report, in a press release. “The diverging legal landscape has created a deep divide in the rights and protections for transgender youth and their families across the country.”

Formerly homeless man overcomes odds, gets accepted to UCLA | KCAL-TV

Every graduate has a story about how they got their diplomas, but for Christopher Bryant, his journey to his associate degree was far from easy.

Donald Trump, Hunter Biden face an arbitrary gun law | Daily Breeze

This policy is relatively recent. The original federal restriction, enacted in 1938, applied only to violent crimes like murder, manslaughter, rape, kidnapping and robbery. In 1961, Congress expanded the ban to cover nonviolent crimes punishable by more than a year of incarceration. That category of “prohibited persons,” professor Adam Winkler of the University of California, Los Angeles, notes, is “wildly overinclusive,” encompassing many crimes that are “not violent in the least.” The Trump and Biden cases illustrate that point.

Biden’s unpopular border plan may help him | Los Angeles Times

During the Trump years, the public strongly rejected his restrictive immigration policies. Trump’s separation of children from their families at the border was one of the most politically damaging actions he took during his presidency, according to a detailed polling analysis by political scientists Lynn Vavreck and Chris Tausanovitch of UCLA and John Sides of Vanderbilt University.

States take up AI regulation amid federal standstill | New York Times

But most tech policy experts say they don’t expect federal proposals to pass this year. “Clearly there is a need for harmonized federal legislation,” said Michael Karanicolas, executive director of the Institute for Technology Law and Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Two-drug treatment could curb meth addiction | HealthDay News

Though overdose deaths continue to surge, there is no approved medication to treat methamphetamine use disorder. Now, an experimental two-drug therapy has yielded promising results, UCLA researchers report. “These findings have important implications for pharmacological treatment for methamphetamine use disorder,” said researcher Dr. Michael Li, an assistant professor-in-residence of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, adding that methamphetamine-involved overdoses have surged.

Hair loss drug has some doctors cautioning about side effects | NBC News

Dr. Carolyn Goh, a dermatologist at UCLA Health, said that while long-term data on the drug’s efficacy is limited, data shows that the drug’s benefits are maintained over time … “It’s very effective,” she said. “Although the response may be just keeping the hair from getting worse rather than necessarily growing hair, it works quite well.”

Risk to seniors in rise of power cuts to prevent wildfires | KFF Health News

For Debra Saliba, director of UCLA’s Anna and Harry Borun Center for Gerontological Research, making sure nursing homes are part of emergency response plans could help them respond effectively to any kind of power outage. Her study of nursing homes after a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that shook the Los Angeles area in 1994 motivated LA County to integrate nursing homes into community disaster plans and drills.