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Dead star caught ripping up planetary system | Scienmag

A star’s death throes have so violently disrupted its planetary system that the dead star left behind, called a white dwarf, is siphoning off debris from both the system’s inner and outer reaches. This is the first time astronomers have observed a white dwarf star that is consuming both rocky-metallic and icy material, the ingredients of planets. (UCLA’s Ted Johnson and Benjamin Zuckerman are quoted. Also: ScienceDaily and Space Daily.)

Flu shots lag in states with low COVID vaccine uptake | HealthDay News

Adult flu shots have slumped in states with low COVID-19 vaccination rates, suggesting that COVID-19 vaccination behavior may have spilled over to flu-vaccine behavior, new research indicates. University of California, Los Angeles researchers point to declining trust in public health agencies caused by controversy over COVID-19 vaccines as a possible reason for the falloff in flu vaccination. (UCLA’s Dr. Richard Leuchter is quoted.)

3 questions about new charts mapping brain growth | STAT

“Just because an individual falls somewhere on a trajectory that isn’t favorable compared to their peers, doesn’t mean it will be a bad outcome. There’s a lot of individual variability in growth trajectories — both for the brain and human development,” said Lucina Uddin, professor in the department of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Boomers sicker than their parents were at same age | HealthDay News

Dr. Catherine Sarkisian, a geriatrician and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said the study underscores the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, no matter which generation you are part of. “We should all be exercising every day, and this includes aerobic activity and strength training to help prevent falls, improve mobility, and [boost] metabolism,” said Sarkisian, who reviewed the findings.

UCLA’s Patricia Ganz, cancer and quality of life | Cancer Health

During a time when it wasn’t well-recognized, Patricia Ganz, MD, a medical oncologist for over 40 years, became a pioneer in assessing the physical and emotional quality of life for people with cancer. She helped create the field of cancer survivorship. (Ganz is quoted.)