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Supreme Court’s pro-corporate revolution is accelerating | Washington Post

“The Cedar Point decision is certainly going to encourage a lot more litigation over labor unions and challenges to the rules designed to make labor unions effective,” Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor and author of a book about how corporations won civil rights for themselves, told me.

UCLA study shows how immune cells can be trained to fight viruses | City News Service

UCLA researchers identified a molecular mechanism within macrophages, which are infection-fighting cells in the innate immune system, that determines whether and how well the cells can be trained to fight invaders. “Like a soldier or an athlete, innate immune cells can be trained by past experiences to become better at fighting infections,” said the study’s lead author, Quen Cheng, an assistant clinical professor of infectious diseases at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine. (UCLA’s Alexander Hoffmann was also quoted. Also: MyNewsLA and Scienmag.)

1.2 million nonbinary people live in the U.S. | CNN

Approximately 1.2 million people living in the US identify as nonbinary, according to a new study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law. Of those 1.2 million people, the majority are under 29 years old and White. “Identities and terms related to gender and sexuality shift across time,” said study author Ilan H. Meyer, senior scholar of public policy at the Williams Institute, in a statement. “Our study found nonbinary adults tend to be younger, but as the use and acceptance of gender nonbinary terms continue to grow, we may see changes in numbers and characteristics of LGBTQ nonbinary people.” (UCLA’s Bianca D.M. Wilson is also quoted.)

Gorsuch signals openness to allow religious beliefs to trump LGBTQ rights | San Francisco Chronicle

The ruling in Fulton vs. Philadelphia shows that “this court is interested in finding ways to liberate religious entities, including employers, from the need to abide by antidiscrimination provisions protecting LGBTQ people,” said Cary Franklin, faculty director of UCLA Law School’s Williams Institute, which focuses on gay and transgender issues. “There are more Fultons to come in various spheres.”

More than half of LGBT+ adults say they’ve experienced violent threats | Independent (U.K.)

More than half of LGBT+ adults in the US say they have experienced some form of violent threat, a new study from The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law has found. In a study analysing data from two previous studies collected between 2016 and 2018, the UCLA School of Law found that fifty-two percent of respondents said someone had threatened them with violence since they were aged 18.

Green light for diagnostic autism app raises concerns | Spectrum

“I think what they’ve done looks beautiful and is an example of what money can buy,” says Catherine Lord, distinguished professor of psychiatry and education at the University of California, Los Angeles, and co-creator of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, considered the ‘gold standard’ for diagnosing autism. “But it may cause more harm than help.”

In pandemic, drug overdose deaths soared among Black Americans | Associated Press

But researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, analyzed emergency medical calls nationwide and found an overall increase of 42% in overdose deaths in 2020. The largest increase was for Black people, with a spike of more than 50%.

Biden offers incentives in push to vaccinate young people | Los Angeles Times

With the Delta variant spreading, “we could really start to see surges starting to occur in some of these southern states,” said David Eisenman, professor in residence at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

After COVID silenced marimbas in California, an instrument sings again | Los Angeles Times

“In my opinion, it has significance or maybe relationships to African marimbas, but in a way, the marimba, now it has been made or reinterpreted by the Mayan people in Guatemala,” said Juan Francisco Cristobal, a doctoral candidate in ethnomusicology at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. Cristobal was born in the town of Santa Eulalia, nicknamed la cuna de la marimba — the cradle of the marimba.

Booster shots likely needed as antibodies from COVID vaccines wane | KTLA-TV

Senior author of the study, Dr. Otto Yang, said that while more research is needed on the response of the immune system’s long-lasting “memory” T cells to the vaccines, the sharp drop in antibodies suggests that booster vaccinations will likely be needed to maintain protection against the potentially deadly virus. (Also: Southern California News Group.)

Looking at California building codes after Florida condo collapse | KCBS-TV

“Well, anything is possible,” Thomas Sabol, an adjunct professor at the University of California Los Angeles’ Samueli School of Engineering, told CBSLA’s Kristine Lazar. “But again, the building codes [in California] just based on historical record appear to be very conservative with respect to gravity loads.” Sabol pointed to California’s strict and robust building codes due to the risk of earthquake. However, he also said that Florida has similar standards because of hurricanes, which he said produce similar types of demands on structures.

Kidney donor ‘voucher’ system is saving lives | HealthDay News

“It’s like a coupon to use in the future,” said study author Dr. Jeffrey Veale. He is a renal transplantation specialist with the Kidney Transplant Exchange Program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) David Geffen School of Medicine. “And it makes a lot of sense. Particularly for people of advanced age who want to be living donors — grandparents, for example — but who would need to donate right now, even if the family member for whom their kidney is intended doesn’t need it right now.”

Quality shines when scientists use registered reports | Science

That’s a “surprising” result, says David Peterson, a sociologist of science at the University of California, Los Angeles, because “one of the common critiques of preregistration is it leads to duller studies.”

It’s time for a federal ban on conversion therapy | The Conversation

A 2020 study from the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute found that gay, lesbian and bisexual people who experienced conversion therapy were almost twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts and to have attempted suicide.

Proven health benefits of mindfulness | Insider

Mindfulness is an awareness of what you’re sensing and feeling in the present moment, without passing judgment. ”It’s about paying attention to our present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with that experience,” says Diana Winston, director of mindfulness education at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. 

Gun control legislation often fails, even after mass shootings | Guardian (U.K.)

Faced with Republican opposition, gun control legislation has historically failed in the US Congress, even following mass shootings, said Christopher Poliquin, an assistant professor of strategy at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Instead, most gun policy – whether that be the loosening or tightening of restrictions – has been enacted by state legislatures. Most initiatives on gun restrictions follow mass shootings, Poliquin added, despite the prevalence of everyday community gun violence in the country.

Britney Spears is ‘speaking her truth.’ Are we listening? | USA Today

Juliet Williams, a professor of gender studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, says Spears’ speech can be understood as a penumbra of the #MeToo movement. “The #MeToo movement was premised on healing but also the political and resistive power of speaking your truth,” she says. “And we don’t actually know how far that movement can or needs to go, but what we saw with Britney speaking out is that the silencing of women for sure governs the realms of sexual assault and sexual harassment, but is not limited to those domains.”