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Immigration enforcement has students fearful, UCLA study finds | NBC News

The findings were contained in a report released Wednesday by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, which surveyed more than 730 schools in 24 districts in 12 states about the impact of the administration’s immigration enforcement measures on teaching and learning. Researchers found that 64 percent of the 5,400 teachers, administrators and other school personnel who responded said they had observed students who were concerned about immigration issues that may affect them, their families or people they know…. “The schools that are the most vulnerable in this country are also the ones being hit hard with the unintended consequences of this immigration enforcement, and until we do something about that, those schools are going to continue to suffer,” [UCLA’s Patricia] Gándara said.

Report says minorities ‘woefully underrepresented’ | Hollywood Reporter

“The bad news in every arena, regardless of the progress we made last year, is that women and people of color remain woefully underrepresented,” said [UCLA’s Darnell] Hunt to the small gathering at UCLA’s Luskin Conference Center on Tuesday night. “The minority population is increasing by about half a percentage per year. … So the population is becoming more diverse over time and the question is: What is Hollywood doing relative to that population increasing in diversity?” (Also: CNN Newsroom and Quartzy)

Walmart, Dick’s raise minimum age for gun buyers to 21 | New York Times

Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at the School of Law of the University of California, Los Angeles, said Dick’s could be challenged in lawsuits claiming a violation of laws that bar age discrimination. Although federal civil rights laws do not apply, some states, including New York, prohibit businesses from denying goods and services on the basis of age. “Don’t be surprised if an aggressive attorney general of a gun-friendly state brings an age-discrimination claim against Dick’s,” Professor Winkler wrote in an email response to questions.

South L.A. has made little economic progress in last 5 decades | KTTV-TV

The report was done by the Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, which is part of the Public Affairs School at UCLA. It says earning power, homeownership rates and other important benchmarks remain significantly lower in south L.A. than the rest of the country.

Oscar-nominated short depicts real school shooting 911 call | New York Times

The film is based on a 911 call from a 2013 incident in which Antoinette Tuff, a bookkeeper at an Atlanta-area elementary school, was able to calm a 20-year-old man armed with a rifle and convince him to put his weapon down and surrender. Writer and director Reed Van Dyk, a UCLA graduate, made the 21-minute film with the help of a grant from the Princess Grace Foundation, which hosted Wednesday’s screening and Q&A prior the Academy Awards Sunday.

Atoms found that contain remnants of dawn of universe | Quartz

This discovery is the kind of major progress in astronomy and physics that many scientists will want to see replicated before it’s accepted as true. “Although the signal in an absolute sense is not particularly small, there is contamination from other astronomical sources that is roughly 10,000 times brighter than the signal,” says Steven Furlanetto, an astrophysicist at the University of California-Los Angeles who is unaffiliated with either study. “There’s no doubt that confirmations from some of the other telescopes seeking this signal are necessary.”

Finland found a way to prevent childhood bullying | Reader’s Digest

Given the program’s remarkable success, other countries are considering implementing it, as well. Officials in Italy, the Netherlands, and the U.K. are testing it in their school systems, and the U.S. is in the process of evaluating it. “Our findings are the first to show that the most tormented children — those facing bullying several times a week — can be helped by teaching bystanders to be more supportive,” Jaana Juvonen, a professor at UCLA, said in a press release.

Looking to preschoolers to keep a language alive | Christian Science Monitor

Many immersion schools model themselves after efforts by the Maori and Hawaiians in the 1980s, explains Teresa McCarty, a professor of education and anthropology at UCLA. Children attend all-Maori or all-Hawaiian classes, and in later grades learn English as a second language. Communities in New York, Arizona, and Washington teaching indigenous languages have followed this model.

Path to independence from imported water | Phys.org  

This time around, could Los Angeles shift its dependence from imported water to local water? A new report by UCLA researchers says the city could, eventually—if it does a better job of capturing local stormwater, increases the use of recycled water, cleans up groundwater and steps up conservation measures. “It will take a lot of work, but 100 percent local water is possible by 2050,” said Mark Gold, UCLA’s associate vice chancellor of environment and sustainability and one of the study’s authors. “Los Angeles needs to reduce local water demand while also transforming its water supply infrastructure to maximize recycled water, groundwater supply and stormwater capture.”

Black Men in White Coats aims to increase diversity | Los Angeles Sentinel

Akyaw, is part of a recently launched campaign, Black Men in White Coats, aimed at increasing the number of black males who pursue careers as doctors. Author and MD, Dr. Dale Okorodudu founded DiverseMedicine Inc. in 2011, launching the BMIWC campaign this year along with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, on February 1. BMIWC intends to complete its mission through “exposure, inspiration, and mentoring,” said campaign representatives.

What it means to be ‘Nation of Immigrants’ | NPR’s “Code Switch”

Hiroshi Motomura is an expert on refugee and immigration law, and teaches at UCLA Law School. But the subject isn’t merely academic for him. He comes from a mixed-status family himself, and has spent decades researching, and living, the shifting fortunes of immigrants and their families…. “It's really been a consistent strand in American immigration history that families are the vehicle for integrating Americans into American society, and helping immigrants be productive members of American society.”

9 body parts that reveal your age first | Reader’s Digest

Plus, your hands are rarely covered and form age spots from sun exposure, adding to the signs of aging. Slathering sunscreen on your hands or slipping on a pair of driving gloves can block out the harmful UV rays, says Ivy Lee, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Pasadena, California, and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA.