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Taylor Swift’s L.A. fans made SoFi concerts rumble | Los Angeles Times

A recent study from Caltech and UCLA researchers found that Taylor Swift’s Los Angeles fans also caused earthquake-like activity when the superstar took over Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium for six nights in August.

Bruce Willis’ daughter says autism diagnosis has ‘changed my life’ | CNN

Autism refers to a broad range of conditions and is often “characterized by challenges with social skills and social and communication and repetitive behaviors, resistance to changes in routine, or restricted interests,” according to Dr. Daniel Geschwind, the Gordon and Virginia Macdonald distinguished professor of human genetics, neurology and psychiatry at UCLA.

Stephen Miller’s war on Hollywood diversity | Hollywood Reporter

According to UCLA’s annual diversity report, diversity efforts may be paying off — if not broadly, at least for writers in broadcast television. At 45.5 percent, women writers were approaching proportionate representation in broadcast during the 2021-2022 season, as were writers of color at 36.3 percent, Overall, however, the study concluded people of color remain “underrepresented on every employment front” while women were underrepresented on several fronts. 

Americans will do anything to avoid gray hair | Wall Street Journal

Caucasians tend to start graying in their mid-30s, while people of Asian and African ancestry typically do so in their late-30s and mid-40s, respectively, says Dr. Delila Foulad, a dermatologist at UCLA Health.

Why do babies rub their eyes when they’re tired? | Live Science

“Unfortunately, we can’t ask a baby exactly why they’re rubbing their eyes,” Dr. Rebecca Dudovitz, an associate professor of general pediatrics at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, told Live Science. “But we do know from human experience that people do tend to rub their eyes when they’re tired, and we think it may have to do with just a feeling of discomfort that you get when your eye muscles have been working hard and it’s time for a break,” Dudovitz said.

Smart ways to keep heartburn at bay | Consumer Reports

People who experience frequent and severe heartburn often have a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). As we age, the esophageal sphincter that’s supposed to keep stomach acid from coming back up can weaken, says Mona Rezapour, M.D., a gastroenterologist at UCLA Health. “Older adults are also more likely to have other chronic health issues that can increase the risk of heartburn and GERD,” Rezapour says. “And treatments for some of those conditions can hike the risk of reflux as we age.”

Is Havana syndrome all in the mind? | The Telegraph

In 2019, a study by UCLA concluded that Havana syndrome was an epidemic of psychological illness, brought about by the fear of working in a hostile “cauldron of stress” in Cuba and China. The team said the phenomenon is more akin to shell shock, with the symptoms paralleling those associated with war trauma. The authors claimed the diplomats were still living in a Cold War environment, where they were under constant surveillance.

Nail salon workers are some of the worst paid | LAist 89.3-FM’s ‘AirTalk’

Manicurists — the majority of whom are Vietnamese immigrant women — are some of the worst paid workers in California. That’s according to research on the state’s nail salon industry released Tuesday by the UCLA Labor Center in partnership with the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative.

GOP lawmakers call for firing of transgender camp employee | Advocate

In Alabama, there’s a notable gap in statewide protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. UCLA Law School’s Williams Institute, in a briefing on employment discrimination in Alabama, highlights the vulnerability of LGBTQ+ individuals in the workforce. The report estimates that in 2017, approximately 73,400 workers in Alabama’s workforce identified as LGBTQ+, yet they lack comprehensive legal safeguards against discrimination in the workplace.

Program to get produce to low-income families in jeopardy | Capital & Main

Food insecurity is having limited, uncertain or inconsistent access to food necessary for a healthy life, according to UCLA’s Center for Health Policy and Research. A 2021 California Health Interview Survey found that 3.4 million Californians went hungry that year and 39% of adults in the state could not afford enough food.

Leaders want to replace last-resort homeless housing | Los Angeles Times

By the late 1960s, Skid Row had 15,000 largely SRO housing units. Less than a decade later, half had been demolished and the neighborhood seemed destined to disappear, according to a Skid Row history produced by UCLA’s Department of Social Welfare.