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UCLA mobile medical program for homeless gets $25m | City News Service

UCLA Health has received a $25.3 million, two-year state grant to expand its health care program for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, officials announced Wednesday. The grant will fund new equipment and staff, including community health workers to assess patient needs, identify barriers to care and expand access to a variety of services in collaboration with other caregivers, social service agencies, health plans and the state. (UCLA’s Johnese Spisso was quoted. Also: KCRW-FM and LAist 89.3-FM.)

Black senior men more likely to die after surgery than peers | CNN

Among older patients, Black men may have a higher chance of dying within 30 days following surgery than their peers, according to a new study. The study, published Wednesday in the medical journal BMJ, suggests that this inequity could be driven by outcomes following elective surgery, for which death was 50% higher for Black men than for white men — information that can be helpful for physicians as they plan procedures for patients. (UCLA’s Dr. Dan Ly, Dr. Yusuke Tsugawa and Dr. Utibe Essien were quoted. Also: Medical Xpress.)

California storms won’t let up in March | San Francisco Chronicle

The outlook for more heavy snow “is increasingly daunting” in terms of potential impacts, UCLA-affiliated climate scientist Daniel Swain tweeted Wednesday morning. Sierra dwellers have already experienced difficult roads, power or heat outages, avalanches and collapsing roofs, he said — so more snow could bring more problems. (Swain was also cited by KCRW-FM.)

Hearing for judge who handcuffed young child of defendant | CNN

The misconduct review is likely to take weeks or months. Typically, the 9th Circuit’s judicial council would assign a special committee to review, evaluate, and issue a recommendation based on their findings, Scott Cummings, a legal ethics professor at UCLA, said. Any punishment could include censure or even suspension.

COVID devastated prison learning programs | Associated Press

Overcrowding, subpar medical care, staffing shortages and the ebb and flow of prison populations left most places unprepared to manage the spread of the highly contagious virus. At least 3,181 prisoners and 311 correctional staff died of virus-related causes through mid-January of this year, according to a COVID tracking project by the law school at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Iowa students protest LGBTQ bills | Des Moines Register

The University of California, Los Angeles School of Law’s Williams Institute — which is a center for research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy — in September 2020 estimated 9.5% of youth ages 13 to 17 years old in the U.S. were LGBT, or about 1.99 million youth. That included an estimated 19,000 LGBT youth in Iowa, including an estimated 800 transgender youth.