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The complicated world of human smuggling | Time

(Commentary by UCLA’s Jason De León) The Sonoran Desert sun is disorienting and merciless. Santos (his name has been changed for privacy) thinks they’re headed in the right direction, but only because he puts faith in the Mexican leading this train of drug mules. Days into this exhausting journey he is questioning his decision to come.

Economic forecast for California and the nation | Spectrum News 1

“For a long time, California has been growing faster than the U.S. And when you look at the data for what’s going to happen in the future, that pattern seems to be fairly solid for the next few years,” said UCLA’s Jerry Nickelsburg.

New study on nail salons | KABC-TV

California has the largest number of nail salons and licensed manicurists in the country. These are just some of the findings of a report released this month by the UCLA Labor Center and the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative. (UCLA’s James Huynh was quoted.)

Late-night noshing? It’s your brain, not your appetite | Medical Xpress

People who find themselves rummaging around in the refrigerator for a snack not long after they’ve eaten a filling meal might have overactive food-seeking neurons, not an overactive appetite. UCLA psychologists have discovered a circuit in the brain of mice that makes them crave food and seek it out, even when they are not hungry. When stimulated, this cluster of cells propels mice to forage vigorously and to prefer fatty and pleasurable foods like chocolate over healthier foods like carrots. (UCLA’s Avishek Adhikari and Fernando Reis were quoted.)

Ultrasound, MRI combo may treat prostate cancer | HealthDay News

Precisely delivered ultrasound could be an effective treatment for prostate cancer, with high-frequency sound waves heating and killing off cancer cells, a new study says … “This image-guided therapy maximizes our ability to kill cancer cells while minimizing collateral damage to the prostate to achieve the ultimate trifecta in prostate cancer treatment: full local cancer control while maintaining urinary continence and potency,” lead researcher Dr. Steven Raman, a professor of radiology, urology and surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, said in a news release.

Justice frets that First Amendment hamstrings government | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Free speech advocate Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor, notes that, while the court in recent decades “has been extremely skeptical when the government, acting as sovereign … tries to suppress speech based on its content,” some justices preceding Justice Jackson have also argued “in favor of allowing restrictions when the government’s needs appear especially urgent.”

Who’s behind the large-scale pro-Palestinian protests? | NBC News

“Even if you literally were advocating entirely, unambiguously pro-Hamas views in favor of all of their tactics, [it] is protected so long as the speaker is not coordinating with Hamas itself,” said Ahilan Arulanantham, a UCLA law professor who has represented detained immigrants and Muslim Americans in civil rights cases before the Supreme Court three times since 2016. 

Over-the-counter birth control pill becomes available | Los Angeles Times

The political backlash to abortion and birth control, Bridges believes, is due to “large swathes of the population that believes strongly that sex is for procreation that should only be had inside of marriages” and don’t want young people to have casual sex. This comes as Americans as a whole are having less sex and a UCLA study showed Gen Zers were averse to seeing sex on-screen.

WeHo cuts ties with e-scooter company Bird after bankruptcy | KABC-TV

A UCLA study from 2022 found that in just one part of Los Angeles the injury rate for riders of electric scooters was higher than the national rate for riders of motorcycles, bicycles and cars, as well as pedestrians.