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Financially strained, community clinics help fight the coronavirus | Los Angeles Times

“Even if half of Californians end up with the coronavirus, if it’s spread out over six months, then it’s more likely there will be appointments and walk-in clinics and ventilators at hospitals to treat everybody who is at that level of need,” said Steven Wallace, a professor in the community health sciences department at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. “If it all happens in six weeks, then the lines at the clinics will look like the lines out of Costco.”

We came to work for you. Please stay home for us. | Washington Post Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Dr. Nina Shapiro) Health-care providers have been asking — no, begging — people to stay home while we go to work. As a pediatric otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist), I primarily treat infants and children with ear infections, sleep and breathing issues due to tonsils and adenoids blocking the airway, and more urgent issues that take place in the hospital setting. These days, it’s the healthy kids coming in for minor surgery who worry me.

Is stay-at-home order too little, too late? | National Public Radio

Johnese Spisso, the head of UCLA’s hospitals, said the system’s leaders started planning in January when they saw the spread begin… “We definitely would like to be doing as many of the tests as possible here in Los Angeles. We’re a big county,” she said. “We have 10 million people. So we want to make sure that we and other hospitals and health systems are really working together to make sure we can begin flattening the curve.”

Containing the spread of the virus | CNN

“Any relaxing of containment measures is going to result in a spike of cases. We are not out of the woods. We are not even in the woods yet,” said UCLA’s Dr. Anne Rimoin. (Rimoin also was interviewed again on CNN.)

Social connection boosts health, even when you’re isolated | Psychology Today

Another study [led] by Shelley Taylor at the University of California Los Angeles suggests that stress due to conflict in relationships leads to increased inflammation levels in the body. Both physically and psychologically, we experience social connection as positive and rejection or loneliness as negative.

Coronavirus pandemic: The U.S. was unprepared | USA Today Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Joseph Ladapo) I spent the past week taking care of patients with COVID-19 at UCLA’s flagship hospital, and the atmosphere there is, appropriately, one of crisis — like other hospitals around the country. Before we bend to the next reactionary spasms of our political leaders, let’s take a look at what we know.

What will patients pay for coronavirus treatment? | AARP

The “challenging aspect of this” is that an increasing number of Americans have high-deductible health plans, where the policyholder pays a certain amount out of pocket for health care before insurance coverage kicks in, says Nadereh Pourat, a professor of health policy and management at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.