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Baltimore bridge collapse will have sweeping economic impacts | USA Today

On the East Coast, only ports in New York; Newark, New Jersey and Jacksonville, Florida, have the capacity to handle the diverted vehicles as well as the farm and construction machinery that flowed through Baltimore, said Chris Tang, faculty director at the Center for Global Management at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Practicing yoga can help prevent Alzheimer's disease | Discover Magazine

But a new study from UCLA suggests yoga can be a potent ally in preserving cognitive function — especially if it involves a variety of activities like meditation, breathwork, mudras (shapes or positions made with the fingers), and chanting, all found in Kundalini. Led by UCLA Health Psychiatrist and certified Kundalini instructor Dr. Helen Lavretsky, this study focused on postmenopausal women who are patients at a cardiology clinic. (Lavretsky was quoted.)

All eyes on loneliness | Inside Higher Ed

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Daniel Eisenberg) Efforts to support student mental health in higher education continue to grow, but are still far from adequate. A key next step, in our view, is to focus more on loneliness. Loneliness is one of the most important factors influencing mental health, and there are many opportunities to reduce its toll on students, as well as faculty and staff, in college and university environments.

Finding Richard Serra sculptures in Southern California | Los Angeles Times

Serra’s first public sculpture in Southern California was installed in the plaza of UCLA’s Eli and Edythe Broad Art Center in 2006 as a part of the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden. The sculpture, titled “T.E.U.C.L.A.,” is a part of one of Serra’s best-known series, “Torqued Ellipse,” and like much of his work, it is welded in Cor-ten steel.

How your future self can help your present well-being | Washington Post

“Just because time travel takes place inside our heads doesn’t mean it can’t change reality,” said Hal Hershfield, a professor of marketing, behavioral decision-making and psychology at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and author of the book “Your Future Self: How to Make Tomorrow Better Today.” “How you think about your future can have a huge impact on your present and future selves.”

Fast food workers, franchisees on wage increases | LAist 89.3 FM’s ‘AirTalk’

“Fast food workers have been getting an average of $25,800 a year in average earnings. It depends on where you are right now, because what we know from 2015-2023, California raised the minimum wage by 72 percent, from $9 to $15.50 an hour,” said UCLA’s Tia Koonse (approx. 1:30 mark). 

LA lawmakers want to get more family-sized housing built. But how? | LAist

“It's sort of a ridiculous situation that we've put young couples into where we say, if you want to have enough room to actually have kids, you have to leave,” said Nolan Gray, a UCLA urban planning doctoral student and research director of California YIMBY. Gray not only studies the housing crisis — he and his partner are living it, he said.