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Diverse audiences prop up a struggling theatrical industry | Forbes

(Commentary by UCLA’s Darnel Hunt and Ana-Christina Ramón) Today, we (along with our co-author, Michael Tran) released the UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report 2024: Part 1 Theatrical — the eleventh in a series of annual reports — that examines relationships between diversity and the bottom line among top theatrical releases. It considers the English-language films among the top 200 theatrical releases, ranked by global box office to document the degree to which people from underrepresented groups were present in front of and behind the camera in 2023. (Also: Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Agence France-Presse, National Public Radio and KABC-TV.).

President Biden gives State of the Union speech | KCAL-TV

“The State of the Union speech is an opportunity, one of the only opportunities the president has to have this audience, this big an audience, and command the attention of the American people. So, what you say here has legs. We are a polarized society, in case anybody hasn’t noticed, and Biden is a consensus-builder. Those two don’t mesh very well,” said UCLA’s Zev Yaroslavsky.

Migrating birds are struggling with an earlier spring | Audubon Magazine

“Every day during migration, they’re just on this trade-off between starving to death and being able to continue forward,” says Morgan Tingley, an ornithologist at UCLA. “When they’re not flying, they’re mostly voraciously eating.”

Baseball video game will include women for the first time | New York Times

Lisa Fernandez, a UCLA coach and softball pitcher whose three gold medals earned her a place in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame, said the representation of women in a baseball video game showed how far they had come since Title IX opened the doors for them in college sports in 1972. “I think it just makes a statement,” Ms. Fernandez said, though she noted that women still had a long way to go to have the same professional opportunities men do, whether they play baseball, softball or another sport.

Elon Musk’s $55 billion Tesla package in jeopardy | Business Insider

"I think this is a very notable case, and it perhaps expresses a willingness to scrutinize executive compensation arrangements, but I'm not sure that we will see all that many cases like this," James Park, a securities fraud expert and law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, told Business Insider.

Rep. Katie Porter alleges Senate race was ‘rigged’ | Orange County Register

Using the term “rigged” is “irresponsible,” Rick Hasen, a UCLA Law professor and election law expert, said in his Election Law Blog. Hasen, who is a former Porter colleague at UC Irvine, said he understood the context of her message and shared her criticism of undisclosed outsized money being spent on campaigns. However, better language could have been used, he said, to convey that.

Disney hit with lawsuit for alleged labor violations | Hollywood Reporter

A UCLA Labor Center study of Universal Studios Hollywood theme park employees found widespread poverty, with 44 percent of workers reporting that they worried about being evicted from their homes and more than half cutting the size of their meals — or skipping them altogether — because they do not have enough money for food.