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Honoring a UCLA pioneer in Asian American studies | ABC News

On Friday, “The View” began its series by honoring Japanese American civil rights activist Yuji Ichioka, who created “The Asian American Political Alliance” in May 1968 after earning his Master’s Degree in Japanese History from UC Berkeley. He continued his work by being the instructor of the first Asian American studies class at UCLA and the founder of the school’s Asian American studies center.

Companies have to promptly disclose their borrowing. Many don’t. | Wall Street Journal

“This is pretty clear evidence that companies selectively comply with regulations to disclose” loans, says Judson Caskey, an associate professor of accounting at [UCLA] Anderson, who co-wrote the study.

U.S. restores transgender health protections | Associated Press

More than 1.5 million Americans identify as transgender, according to the Williams Institute, a think tank focusing on LGBT policy at the UCLA School of Law. A bigger number — 4.5% of the population— identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to Gallup.

How bowhead whales live for 200 years | The Atlantic

In fact, Steve Horvath, a geneticist at UCLA, and his colleagues have found that by assessing the status of a set of almost 800 methylation sites scattered around the genome, they can reliably estimate an individual’s age relative to the maximum lifespan of its species. This “epigenetic clock” holds for all of the 192 mammal species that Horvath’s team has looked at so far. (Horvarth was quoted.)

The psychedelic revolution could change psychiatry forever | New York Times

Dr. Charles S. Grob, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA’s school of medicine who has spent decades researching hallucinogens, worries that commercialization and a rush toward recreational use could prompt a public backlash, especially if increased availability of the drugs leads to a wave of troubling psychotic reactions. What is needed, he said, are rigorous protocols and a system to train and credential psychedelic medicine professionals.

Dr. Rachel Levine’s rise and the growing prominence of transgender issues | New York Times

The prominence of transgender issues in politics is remarkable considering what a tiny sliver of the population transgender people represent. An estimated 1.4 million adults and 150,000 youths ages 13 to 17 identify as transgender in the United States, according to the Williams Institute, a research group at the law school of the University of California, Los Angeles.

SoFi Stadium has 3,000 jobs up for grabs | KABC-TV

But not all economists are ready to blame enhanced unemployment benefits for keeping people out of the workforce, pointing in fact to restaurant workers as proof. “If it were truly the case that unemployment insurance was holding people back from getting jobs you wouldn’t see so many jobs, 331,000 jobs being added to leisure and hospitality,” said Leo Feler, an economist at UCLA.

California needs to end police immunity from accountability | Daily Breeze

A comprehensive study by UCLA Law Professor Joanna Schwartz identified nearly 650 civil rights cases filed against the California Highway Patrol, the police departments for Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, as well as the sheriff’s departments in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Yet officers were fully indemnified in all but one case.

Immune-boosting drug may help before lung cancer surgery | Associated Press

“This is a great next step” for furthering the immune system’s ability to attack lung cancer, said Dr. Antoni Ribas, a cancer specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, and president of the group sponsoring the conference. Seeing no evidence of disease at surgery in 1 in 4 patients means they “had an immune system that was really ready to go” with proper prodding, he said.

Secondhand smoke exposure tied to oral cancer risk | Reuters Health

Even so, the results underscore that clinicians should consider secondhand smoke exposure as a modifiable risk factor for cancer, said Dr. Michael Ong, a professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine and the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California Los Angeles. “As clinicians, we often neglect to ask patients about secondhand smoke exposure,” Dr. Ong, who wasn’t involved in the study, said by email. “However, secondhand smoke exposure has significant health risks, both from cancer risk as this study shows as well as other health risks, such as cardiovascular disease.”

New Jersey considering cash as a vaccine incentive | Bloomberg

In a survey by the University of California at Los Angeles, one-third of unvaccinated people said cash payments of as much as $100 would make them willing to get a shot. (Also: Daily Mail (U.K.), NBC’s “Early Today” and “CBS This Morning.”)

The latest on the pandemic | Yahoo Finance

“I think that we’ve all seen a lot of benefits to wearing masks, especially during the winter, when we know that there are a lot of viruses spreading around. I think it’s very possible that we may want to continue wearing masks seasonally,” said UCLA’s Kristen Choi. (Choi was also interviewed by CBC News.)

COVID vaccines and longer-range immunity | KNX 1070-AM

“We are seeing good immune responses to some of these variants even with the current vaccines. But I think that manufacturers are always wanting to again, tweak the vaccine so that it’s as effective as it can be. And especially to be on the lookout for … virus variants that may need additional changes in the vaccine,” said UCLA’s Dr. Robert-Kim Farley (approx. 7:15 mark).

COVID-19 vaccines protect against silent infections | Forbes

(Column by UCLA’s Dr. Nina Shapiro) Two studies published in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated that people who received the Covid-19 vaccine were significantly less likely to test positive for the virus, even if asymptomatic. One of the most challenging issues throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been asymptomatic transmission of the virus from one person to another.

California budget surplus is good news for Governor Newsoml | Modesto Bee

“We’re in an unprecedented situation where we actually have resources to find robust and bold ideas that can correct failed systems. This includes expanding healthcare coverage to people irrespective of their immigration status and irrespective of their age,” said Sonja Diaz, founding executive director of the UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative.

A better understanding of Venus | Medium

And finally, another revealing study has pinned down new information on the planet’s spin, internal structure. Analyzing data from 15 years of radar measurements by a UCLA-led team of researchers has determined the precise length of a day on Venus, the tilt of its axis, and the size of its core. The findings are published in the journal Nature Astronomy.