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40? Guidelines say get a mammogram | NPR

Now, the evidence has shifted in support of recommending mammograms for all women at 40, says, Dr. Carol Mangione, an internal medicine specialist at UCLA who served as previous Chair of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and is co-author of the new recommendation. “New and more inclusive science about breast cancer in women younger than the age of 50 has allowed us to expand our prior recommendation,” Mangione says. Mangione points to the rise in breast cancer among people in their forties. (Mangione was also interviewed by PBS NewsHour.)

Satellite photos of California snowpack | Los Angeles Times

The big melt has begun, but plenty of snow remains … “This melt really is still just getting started,” Daniel Swain, a climate scientist with UCLA, told The Times. “I know that’s hard to believe, but we’re getting into May, and the peak is probably yet to come.”

Tracking the street drug ‘tranq’ | Los Angeles Times

The move to track the dangerous sedative — spurred in part by conversations with UCLA researchers who study illicit drugs — comes as federal data shows an uptick in the drug’s presence across the county and in Southern California… Then last month — a few weeks after the Sheriff’s Department admitted seeing signs of xylazine for at least four years — the UCLA researchers studying local street drugs confirmed finding the sedative in a sample of black tar heroin. “It’s just another indication that it’s here in L.A.,” said Chelsea Shover, an epidemiologist and health services researcher at UCLA.

Online hate, bullying worsening | Los Angeles Blade

Nearly half of all Americans having experienced some kind of online harassment and hate, many find themselves frustrated by a lack of government anti-hate legislation and enforceable social media guidelines to help eradicate this ever-growing problem … According to a study at the Williams Institute at UCLA, members of the LGBTQ+ community are nine times more likely to experience hate speech than non-LGBTQ+ people. 

Alabama’s proposed drag show ban | Alabama Public Radio

The new Alabama legislation will prevent children from witnessing what some are calling inappropriate shows … The Williams Institute at UCLA carried out a national survey in 2022 on the number of LGBTQ individuals on the sex offenders list. They found that in most categories, queer versus cis-gender offenders were recorded at similar rates. Cis-gender people identify with the gender identity they were assigned at birth.

Farmers try new crops to cope with climate change | CalMatters

The winter of 2023 was an unusually cold one, but it hardly suggests a trend toward nut-friendly weather. UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said last month that the low temperatures of the past several months were “a fluke” amid a long-term trajectory of increasingly warm winters. In fact, he said, “this may well be the coldest winter that some places will see now for the rest of our lives.”

Report says laws discriminate against AAPI communities | KNBC-TV

A recent report by UCLA found that discrimination against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities continues here in California. “This report … looks at the history of today’s laws, which link immigration consequences like deportation or denying people admission to the United States, to certain criminal convictions. It finds that historically, these two things were linked, during the time of explicitly racist immigration lawmaking,” said UCLA’s Astghik Hairapetian.

Young mother headed to UCLA this fall | KNBC-TV

A young mom and recent high school graduate is on her way to UCLA as the first person in her family to attend college. Celeste Gutierrez is an 18-year-old mother to a toddler with special needs. She is a recent graduate from Magnolia Science Academy-4, Venice, that is a STEAM-based school in LA. Although she hasn’t officially declared a major she has interests in child development and psychology.