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Migration to California by immigrant workers slows | Los Angeles Times

But California’s economy, which is reliant on immigrant labor, will need more than a slow increase, said Victor Narro, project director for the UCLA Downtown Labor Center. “A slowdown in migration combined with a decrease in population growth is really going to create a crisis in these industries,” Narro said. “Where are they going to get the labor they need?”

U.S. drug OD deaths reached all-time high in 2021 | NBC News

Overdose-related deaths were already increasing before the pandemic, but there was “clearly a very sharp uptick during the pandemic,” said Joseph Friedman, an addiction researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles. He published research in April that found drug overdose deaths among teenagers rose sharply over the last two years.

Tech is hitting brakes on hiring | CNBC

Terry Kramer, an adjunct professor at the UCLA school of management, said a company like Amazon is a bellwether. “Inflation is at 8%, economic growth is now starting to slow, people are just not buying as much,” Kramer said. “And so that, to me, is the Amazon story more, where on e-commerce, their core platform, people are just being more cautious about what they buy. Because on an inflation-adjusted basis, there’s less dollars available to be spent by consumers.”

L.A. mayor’s race: Ad blitz pushes Bass, Caruso ahead | KCRW-FM

Jim Newton, a former LA Times reporter who teaches communication and public policy at UCLA, says the Caruso campaign is using the ads effectively. “The advantage of money is that you can get your name out and then make a first impression with voters in a big way.”

Experts see no winners in Depp–Heard trial | Variety

But the case is not that interesting to First Amendment scholars. It is unlikely to set any precedents or become a landmark in the history of defamation law, say several experts. “It seems like a pretty basic libel claim,” says UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. “It’s all about the facts. I haven’t seen anything that would actually affect the law.”

Medical schools, abortion training and Roe | Axios

“The implications for our field are devastating,” Kavita Vinekar, assistant clinical professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, told Axios. “The politicization of our field has made the public think of abortion as a very separate thing from reproductive care when really it’s very much intertwined in what we do,” Vinekar said.

COVID isn’t over, particularly for children | The Hill

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Dr. Moira Szilagyi) COVID is still having a big impact on children; pediatric cases are once again rising, and children under age five are still not eligible for a vaccine. Even among those children who are eligible, we are well behind where we need to be, with just 28 percent of 5- to 11-year-olds receiving both doses.

1997 chess game thrust AI into spotlight | Agence France-Presse

Developers at IBM, the US firm that made Deep Blue, were ecstatic with the victory [over Garry Kasparov] but quickly refocused on the wider significance … “AI has exploded over the last 10 years or so,” UCLA computer science professor Richard Korf told AFP. “We’re now doing things that used to be impossible.”

Ports struggle to deal with supply chain crisis | KPCC-FM

UCLA professor and supply chain management expert Christopher Tang says the possibility of further cargo backups at the ports gives unionized dock workers a golden opportunity and puts shipping companies in a tough spot.

Roe and future access to birth control | CNET

“Even though the draft document from Justice Alito stated that the ruling would only apply to abortion and not to any other reproductive rights, nothing would prevent SCOTUS from ruling subsequently on whether people have a right to birth control,” Paula Tavrow, director of the Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive Health at UCLA, said in an email.