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Sustainable guitars – giving back to the trees and communities that helped create music | Forbes

Enter Tom Smith, professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, with research interests in evolutionary biology and conservation. Smith has worked in Cameroon for more than 30 years seeking win-wins for people and biodiversity, a mission cemented about four years ago by his role as founding co-director of the Congo Basin Institute – “a center for science in Africa for Africans,” he says…. “The science of conservation in the next 20 years in Africa is going to be the science of restoration,” says Smith. And the merger of science with communities and business offers what he considers a critical model for achieving this.

Why some climate scientists are saying no to flying | Science magazine

Peter Kalmus, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who started No Fly Climate Sci, acknowledges that “most of our colleagues think that we’re a little odd for flying less.” He hopes the site helps like-minded scientists “feel like we’re a little bit of a community.” Kalmus began to limit his air travel as a postdoc in 2011 after he switched from studying astrophysics to studying the Earth’s atmosphere and calculated that three-quarters of his carbon footprint in 2010 came from flying…. As Kalmus sees it, it’s not just about reducing his own footprint; it’s also about setting an example. “It’s inevitable that the public looks to us [climate scientists] to gauge the urgency of the situation,” he says. If you’re “walking the talk” then the public will see you as a more trusted messenger of the urgency of climate change.

Doctors operate on the brain to treat drug addiction | Voice of America

Nader Pouratian is a neurosurgeon at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is investigating the use of DBS [deep brain stimulation] for chronic pain. Pouratian said it is an “appropriate time” to research DBS for drug addiction, but only “if we can move forward in ethical, well-informed, well-designed studies.”

Homeless encampment cleanups: Are millions of tax dollars being wasted? | KNBC-TV

Dennison and infectious disease doctor Jeffrey Klausner of UCLA have visited the 405 Freeway encampment. They said conditions there are a breeding ground for disease and taxpayer dollars could be better spent to place portable toilets at every large homeless encampment.

UCLA spinoff developing cancer treatment  | Los Angeles Business Journal

To expand its pipeline of therapeutic cancer drugs, the company leased laboratory space last month at Magnify, a bioscience incubator at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA, and is now hiring additional researchers…. “They definitely have a strong senior leadership team with significant industry experience,” said Brian Benson, director of entrepreneurship and commercialization for CNSI. “They’re well-capitalized. Their technology is very unique in its approach with potential clinical benefits.”

Turning your weekends into vacations can make you happier than money | Business Insider

Cassie Mogilner Holmes, an associate professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, wanted to see whether it was possible for U.S. workers to use weekends to reap the same enjoyment as from a vacation and, in turn, to boost their happiness levels…. “Treating your weekend like a vacation can increase your happiness — and unlike taking a more traditional vacation, this emotional boost doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming,” said Holmes.

L.A. spent $619 million on homelessness last year. Has it made a difference? | Los Angeles Times

Retired UCLA law professor Gary Blasi, who studies homelessness, said outreach workers are collecting vast amounts of information from homeless people without having housing to offer in return. “It’s like asking a crowd to queue up in a line in front of a closed door that never opens, on which are taped a lot of ‘coming soon’ posters,” Blasi said.

STEM School students need support to grieve and process tragedy on their own terms, experts say | Denver Post

Melissa Brymer, director of terrorism and disaster programs at the UCLA-Duke National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, is an expert on how children handle stress following disasters like school shootings. Brymer said the students’ reaction at Wednesday’s vigil-turned-protest wasn’t surprising. “We have to think about timing,” Brymer said. “This is the day after one of their peers was killed, and it was an event to honor their peer whose life was taken too short. This isn’t how they expected the end of their senior year as they anticipate graduation. This is a time to honor their experience. There is a time and a place for advocacy, and advocacy is a healthy place of recovery. But they want to honor what happened to them, and that is quite healthy.”

65 years after Brown v. Board of Education, school segregation is getting worse | Vox

The report, released Friday by UCLA and Penn State, looked at federal student enrollment data and other research on school segregation. It found that students across America are increasingly attending racially isolated schools, with black and Latino students in particular attending schools that are predominantly nonwhite…. “As we mark [its] 65th anniversary, the promise of Brown appears a distant vision in our dangerously polarized society,” Gary Orfield, co-director of the UCLA Civil Rights Project and one of the report’s authors, said in a press release. “We have to do more.” (Also: Washington Post)

Review: Thomas Adès and Nico Muhly, with a Natalie Portman assist | Los Angeles Times

In the evening, Muhly put on an event titled “Archives, Friends, Patterns” at the Theatre at Ace Hotel, a program of his music and what he called lesser-known works by Glass specially designed for the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA show. It featured a group of New York performers who have had a long association with Muhly, plus a surprise appearance by a Hollywood star.

Private health insurers paid four times more than Medicare for dialysis treatment, study finds | Philadelphia Inquirer

Private health insurers paid one of the nation’s largest dialysis companies treatment rates that were four times more than Medicare and Medicaid, according to an analysis by researchers at UCLA…. Researchers at UCLA sought to find out how those discrepancies shake out for dialysis, an increasingly prescribed kidney failure treatment that removes waste from a patient’s blood when their kidneys are no longer able to do so.

Study shows gardening had therapeutic effects for psychiatric patients | Medical Xpress

While researchers had studied the therapeutic effects of gardening and other nature-related activities on people with mental illness in residential care facilities or in outpatient settings, no one had evaluated garden therapy for adults in an inpatient psychiatric hospital. “It’s important to note that this is the first time gardening has been studied in an inpatient setting,” said Huibrie Pieters, an associate professor in the UCLA School of Nursing who headed the project.

Modern cities have much in common with ancient civilizations | NPR

“So, the way we can think about cities is not just the way that they encompass practically half of the world’s population now, but where they came from in the first place, because cities are not the natural habitat of our species,” said UCLA’s Monica Smith. “Our natural habitat is living in small villages of 50 to 100 people, and that’s the way our ancestors had lived for 100,000 years or more, and yet there was something about those villages that just wasn’t quite enough to galvanize people into larger groups.”

How will Democratic lawmakers react to Trump’s tariffs? | KPCC-FM

“Well, Democrats have long talked about trade as a fairness issue, not just related to how much each country is importing and exporting, the import-export deficit, or balance, that Trump likes to talk about, but other issues such as making sure that there are environmental protections in these other countries, that there are living wages in these other countries, that we’re essentially not taking advantage of these developing countries by importing their cheap labor, and Trump is certainly not talking about it in those terms at all,” said UCLA’s Matt Barreto.

Caregiver network isn’t large enough to meet the needs of growing senior population | KNX-AM

“I think we haven’t done a very good job of thinking about how to incentivize that workforce, how to create better-paying jobs, and career ladders where this can be a step up or people who are interested in that kind of work,” said UCLA’s Kathryn Kietzman.

Grove City considering COTA rideshare program to fill transit gaps | Columbus Dispatch

“Most jobs are not located in central parts of the city,” said Evelyn Blumenberg, an urban planning professor at the UCLA. “That, no matter what, is going to pose a challenge for fixed-route public transit.”