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Film commissioned by professor premieres at Cannes | Animation Magazine

Complementing the solo animated feature entry Ghost Cat Anzu, another Japanese work will represent animation in the short film section of the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight sidebar: “Extremely Short” or “Totemo mijikai” by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Kōji Yamamura … The author and the animator’s collaboration was spearheaded by Michael Emmerich, UCLA’s Tadashi Yanai Professor of Japanese Literature. Emmerich is also director of the Yanai Initiative, a joint venture between UCLA and Japan’s Waseda University which aims to bring attention to contemporary Japanese writers. (Emmerich was quoted.)

Downsizing local news contributes to crumbling infrastructure | Scienmag

Reading strong local journalism is tied to greater support for funding dams, sewers and other basic infrastructure vital to climate resilience, according to new research from UCLA and Duke University … “Heat, floods, drought and fire are putting new stress on aging and deteriorating infrastructure, which must be maintained to protect communities against these growing climate risks,” said [Megan] Mullin, a UCLA public policy professor and faculty director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation. “Our study shows that investing in facilities that improve our resilience to climate hazards requires investing in the health of local news.” 

Same-sex marriage has caused no harms to different-sex couples | Scienmag

Over the 20 years that same-sex couples have been able to marry in the U.S., there have been no negative effects on marriage, divorce or cohabitation among different-sex couples, according to new report from RAND and UCLA … “Some of those who opposed the granting of marriage rights to same-sex couples predicted that doing so would undermine the institution of marriage, resulting in fewer couples marrying, more couples divorcing and an overall retreat from family formation,” said study coauthor Benjamin Karney, a UCLA psychology professor and adjunct researcher at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. “Overall, the fears of opponents of same-sex marriage simply have not come to pass.”

The Antisemitism Awareness Act: What to know | Austin American-Statesman

Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor who leans libertarian, wrote that the bill “really does risk suppressing not just discriminatory conduct but speech — speech that I generally disagree with, but speech that is fully constitutionally protected.” 

Muscles in knots? Here’s how to loosen them up. | New York Times

For instance, leaning over a computer for hours a day may not feel like a workout, but it can fatigue your neck, shoulder, back and forearm muscles, said Dr. Josh Goldman, associate director of the Center for Sports Medicine at UCLA Health. “Your neck is bent down staring at a computer screen for eight hours,” he said. “That’s a pretty aggressive load on the body.” 

Summer of 2023 was hottest in 2,000 years, study finds | Los Angeles Times

Notably, Copernicus found that the summer months of June, July and August last year measured 1.18 degrees warmer than average — still hot, but not nearly as warm as the study’s findings for the Northern Hemisphere’s extra-tropical region. That region was especially hot in part because it is home to so much land, which warms faster than oceans, said Karen McKinnon, an assistant professor of statistics and the environment at UCLA who did not work on the study. 

At-home IV drips are the latest luxury building amenity | New York Times

“Do you really know what you’re getting, where it’s coming from? How do we know what is being given?” said Dr. Claire Brown, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, adding, “There is absolutely no scientific evidence that these therapies are providing a benefit for the typical person.”