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LAPD community policing has made residents feel safer, study finds | Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Police Department’s signature community policing program has prevented crime and made residents feel safer in public housing developments with entrenched gang problems and troubled relationships with law enforcement, according to a study by UCLA researchers… “People felt it was safer to go outside, mingle with people, use green spaces,” said Jorja Leap, a gang expert and professor of social work at UCLA who was the study’s lead author. “Their lives were literally changed by CSP.”

UCLA-led study identifies new liver cancer treatment | City News Service

A UCLA-led study published Wednesday identifies a first-line liver cancer treatment that significantly improves the survival chance for patients. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, focuses on hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of liver cancer, and it found that a patient’s risk of death is reduced by 42% through a drug combination of “atezolizumab, an immunotherapy drug that boosts the body’s natural defenses, and bevacizumab, an anti-angiogenesis drug that inhibits the growth of tumors’ blood vessels.” (UCLA’s Dr. Richard Finn is quoted. Also: Medical Xpress)

SAG-AFTRA taps Fielding to assist on reopening safely | Variety

“COVID-19 remains a most serious health threat to all those who want and need to return to work. Therefore developing guidelines to safeguard people’s health as they work is a critical element of reopening this important industry,” [UCLA’s Dr. Jonathan] Fielding said in a statement.

The impact of coronavirus on California’s economy | KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”

“I think that one thing that we all have to realize is that this recession is really different from previous recessions, in that the decline in demand for goods and services is because we’re fighting a health care crisis,” said UCLA’s Jerry Nickelsburg (approx. 6:00 mark).

The dangers of coronavirus super spreaders | CBS This Morning

“Especially for people without symptoms. Those are people we call ‘super transmitters.’ They can infect many people,” said UCLA’s Zuo-Feng Zhang.

The bizarre case of a death allegedly caused by CBD oil | Vice

“I don’t remember seeing any other case reports associated with cannabidiol, but that being said, we don’t know what else was in the cannabidiol products that might be associated with this type of disorder,” said Ziva Cooper, a pharmacologist and the research director at the University of California, Los Angeles’s Cannabis Research Initiative.