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The true cost of loans from cash-advance apps | Los Angeles Times

Stephen Spiller, a marketing professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, says the company’s desire to receive tips is an attempt to expand a cultural tradition typically involving personal interactions. “The relationship here is very different from what we expect to encounter when we’re tipping at restaurants or drivers or delivery people,” he says. “We don’t normally expect that as part of a financial services transaction. If you simply ask people, ‘Hey, do you want to pay us extra money for this?’ They will probably say no.”

U.S. men’s, women’s soccer teams now paid equally | Los Angeles Times

“It’s a big accomplishment to arrive at a structure all sides could accept, even though the devil is always in the details in these kinds of deals,” said Steven A. Bank, the Paul Hastings professor of business law at UCLA.

The race for California’s superintendent of schools | San Francisco Chronicle

The retreat of charter policy advocates is likely the biggest — although not the only — reason the race is quieter this year, said John Rogers, a professor of education at UCLA. “My hunch is the most important reason is the intense battles over charter school expansion have receded, and with that the huge influx of cash,” Rogers said.

Tennessee’s trans bathroom ‘warning’ law struck down | NBC News

The issue is not new, advocates have said, and proponents of bathroom bills passed in 2016 cited similar arguments. But a 2018 study from the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law found there is no evidence that trans-inclusive policies for public facilities increase safety risks.

Russia, the West and new NATO expansion | New Yorker

For some, the way NATO agreed, in 1994, to welcome former Soviet allies “betrayed a catastrophic failure of imagination,” Daniel Treisman, a Russia expert at the University of California, Los Angeles, told me … The major international challenge of the nineteen-nineties was to integrate Russia securely into the Western world,” Treisman said … the West failed to understand how Moscow would perceive NATO’s guns edging eastward.

Weather shift increases risk of California wildfires | SFGate

“In a substantial shift from recent pattern, it appears that CA will be persistently warmer than average for the rest of May,” UCLA climatologist Daniel Swain tweeted Tuesday morning. “In fact, a pretty significant heatwave is possible next week. Meantime, strong winds in NorCal will increase fire weather concerns Thur/Fri.”

Can burying highways undo years of racial inequity? | Daily Beast

“In downtown Boston it’s made a huge difference in the experience of public space,” Eric Avila, a professor of history and urban planning at UCLA, told The Daily Beast. “Now, when you are in that part of Boston, you’re not standing in the shadow of an elevated interstate freeway, you’re standing in the middle of a green park that’s now reconnecting neighborhoods that were formally separated or divided.”

Meth, fentanyl driving more deaths in U.S.  | KCRW-FM’s “Press Play”

“So, there’s a few different, really important factors. And one, like you mentioned, is fentanyl, which is a synthetic opioid. Prior to 2018, over 80 percent of deaths involving fentanyl actually occurred east of the Mississippi River. But starting in the years since then, it’s really moved. So now it’s a factor in the U.S. drug supply across the country,” said UCLA’s Dr. Chelsea Shover (approx. 1:00 mark).

Growing wealth gap in L.A. County, beyond | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“What stands out is that people are unhappy, they’re anxious, they’re angry, they’re concerned. We survey county residents … and we ask them to rate their quality of life on a scale of 10 to 100 in those nine different categories. For the first time in the seven years we’ve been doing this survey, every single category went down,” said UCLA’s Zev Yaroslavsky (approx. 2:15 mark).