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Big Oil loses appeal to stop climate lawsuits | Associated Press

Ann Carlson, an environmental law professor at UCLA, said the rulings move the cases closer to the discovery process and requesting potentially damaging documents. “This means they can depose top executives about what they knew and when they knew it and what oil companies did to fund a campaign to dissuade the American public that climate change was happening,” said Carlson, who has provided free counsel to cities in the cases.

Support for transgender troops is high in the military | KPCC-FM

Shannon Dunlap is a Ph.D. student with the UCLA Department of Social Welfare who cowrote the study showing widespread support for transgender service members. Dunlap said they found service members who identified as gay, as a woman or as a racial minority were more likely to accept transgender people in the military (approx. 2:45 mark).

Silent threat looms as California reopens businesses | Los Angeles Times

“Without having social distancing, we are going to definitely see some increased spikes and transmission occurring. That’s definitely going to happen,” said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, epidemiologist and infectious-disease expert at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. (Kim-Farley was also quoted again in the Los Angeles Times.)

D.C. will likely reopen Friday | Washington Post

Epidemiology professors William Hanage of Harvard and Jeffrey Klausner of the University of California, Los Angeles both questioned how the District handles the many people who are infected but never develop symptoms — perhaps one-sixth of all cases, Klausner estimated.

UCLA to study hormones in veterans with severe COVID-19 | KCBS-TV

With a recent study find that men are dying two to three times more frequently than women from COVID-19, UCLA is launching a study of veterans to determine if male hormones could be the culprit. Dr. Matthew Rettig, a UCLA professor and the chief of hematology-oncology at the VA of Greater Los Angeles, says that men have been found to suffer more severely when infected by coronavirus. “It’s not clear that they’re more likely to be infected, but the severity of the illness is much greater in men than in women,” Dr. Rettig said.

A potential silver lining to COVID-19 | The Hill opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Dr. Kim-Lien Nguyen) The coronavirus crisis has wreaked havoc on the lives of Americans and the economy. But fear of the coronavirus has changed the cost-benefit analysis for medical services in ways that may be potentially positive for the future of U.S. health care. 

Density, poverty keep Los Angeles struggling against virus | KPCC-FM

“We need to think through how all of these communities can have access to essential services, like access to a grocery store or green space, so that health outcomes and disparities are not magnified by a virus,” said UCLA’s Sonja Diaz.

The status of COVID-19 vaccine research | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“We have over 100 vaccines… that are being developed across the world… Out of those, over a dozen now are in clinical trials… They’ll start with the first phase, which is to look at safety,” said UCLA’s David Eisenman.