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Could ‘coming out’ eventually be a thing of the past? | USA Today

A future in which LGBTQ members don’t feel obligated to explain or qualify their sexuality will require sweeping societal change. That day is coming and it’s inevitable, says SA Smythe, an assistant professor in the Department of African American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. “There’s going to be a future where coming out is not relevant because I politically believe that there’s going to be a future where gender is irrelevant,” Smythe says.

Experts are convinced most vaccinated people don’t need masks | Los Angeles Times

Those are among the reasons why UCLA epidemiologist and infectious disease expert Dr. Robert Kim-Farley said he has little reason to be anxious about getting sick if he doesn’t wear a mask inside the supermarket when California ends that requirement for vaccinated people on June 15. “Given the extraordinary efficaciousness of this vaccine, one can again follow the science and say that it’s very low risk if you’ve been vaccinated,” Kim-Farley said.

COVID-19 deaths might be underreported by half | Los Angeles Times

Dr. Timothy Brewer, an infectious disease expert and epidemiologist at UCLA, pointed out that the IHME model used data from a few countries and extrapolated to predict what happened in the rest of the world. “That,” he said, “may or may not be a reasonable assumption.” “I don’t think we can necessarily assume what happens in the United States or California is the same as what’s going to happen in Gabon, or Ghana, or someplace else,” said Brewer. “I think that’s kind of the biggest challenge I have with with this.”

UCLA researchers to study COVID-19 patients who haven’t been hospitalized | KCBS-TV

Researchers at UCLA announced Thursday that they are looking for 10,000 COVID-19 patients who are not hospitalized to participate in a study into the best methods to treat the virus at home. … “There has been so much variation in this disease, in what patients do and in how patients get better,” said UCLA biological anthropologist Daniel Fessler. “Our goal is to find ways to help patients recovering at home.” (Also: City News Service.)

Newsom offers cash incentives to Californians who get their shots | CalMatters

According to research conducted by political scientist Lynn Vavreck, lead researcher at the project, about a third of survey respondents said they were “more likely” to get a COVID vaccine if offered a cash prize of $50 to $100. That’s compared to other tactics, including pro-vaccine public messaging from celebrities. ”Those types of message treatments did not work, but changing people’s material condition — giving them a little bit of money or telling them they don’t have to wear a mask anymore — made them more likely,” Vavreck told CalMatters.

Revisiting the poetry of Saʿdi, an overlooked master | KCRW-FM’s “Bookworm”

[UCLA’s] Domenico Ingenito speaks about the ecstatic poetry of Saʿdi, a 13th-century Persian literary master overlooked for far too long. Called a king of poets in his own time, his unstudied lyrical connections between eroticism, spirituality, and politics have never been given the attention they deserve, but now is a time to understand his concept of openness to beauty and gender fluidity.