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‘Nine justices deciding your fate’: Young immigrants face uncertainty as the Supreme Court considers ending DACA | Time

If the Supreme Court allows the Trump administration to rescind DACA, it’s not clear how immediate the effects would be, says Jennifer Chacón, a professor focusing on immigration law at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law. When the Trump Administration initially rescinded DACA, it included a six-month period to wind down the program. “At a minimum, six months out, unless Congress acts … individuals who have their work authorization under DACA would lose those work authorizations and would not be able to work with legal authorization in the U.S.,” Chacón says.

Scientists are taking concrete steps toward reducing cement’s massive carbon footprint | Quartz

As much as two-thirds of cement-related carbon emissions arise from this reaction, which is why cement making is considered such a particularly difficult process to decarbonize, said Gaurav Sant, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Since carbon dioxide emissions are a part of the chemical process itself, he said, even a complete switch to low- or zero-carbon energy sources for heating the kilns would solve only part of the problem.

Teachers and trans students are clashing over whose rights come first | Time

An estimated 150,000 teens, ages 13 to 17, identify as transgender in the United States — 0.7%, the highest percentage of any age group — according to a 2017 study released by the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law.

An artist who makes absurdist paintings in a former church | New York Times

In the short time since [Calvin Marcus] graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles’s master of fine arts program in 2015, his work has mined the same vein of surreal humor that characterizes the paintings in his current show to unpredictable effect.

Arctic Ocean could be ice-free for part of year as soon as 2044 | Phys.org

“The changes to come will have broad environmental, ecological and economic implications,” [UCLA’s Chad] Thackeray said. “By reducing the uncertainty in when we'll see those changes, we can be better prepared.” (UCLA’s Alex Hall also mentioned)

Why retired Marines make exceptional social workers | Psychology Today

Tess Barragan Banko is a leader in the field of care for military veterans and their families. She is the Executive Director of the UCLA/VA Veteran Family Wellness Center where she leads efforts to support military families. Some of the services offered in her center include individual, couples, early childhood, military sexual trauma, and combat veteran adaptations, plus group sessions and special workshops and events.

Could changing your diet help with managing psoriasis? | U.S. News & World Report

“Other recommendations have minimal supportive scientific evidence,” adds Dr. Ladan Afifi, a medical resident in the dermatology department at UCLA Health who has studied the potential role of diet in psoriasis management.

Pence praises rule that would let adoption agencies exclude gay parents | NBC News

A 2018 report from the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law found that 1 in 5 of the estimated 114,000 same-sex couples raising children in the United States are raising adopted or foster children — significantly higher than the 3 percent of heterosexual couples doing so. “Our findings highlight the importance of laws and policies that encourage and support adoption and fostering by same-sex couples,” Shoshana Goldberg, the report’s lead author, wrote at the time of its publication. “Without these policies, a qualified population of prospective parents may not have equal access to government-funded child welfare agencies and services.”

Give the geniuses behind this realistic CGI baking simulation a Nobel Prize | Vice

In their paper, “A Thermomechanical Material Point Method for Baking and Cooking,” researchers from UCLA present a method for “visual simulation of baking breads, cookies, pancakes and similar materials that consist of dough or batter (mixtures of water, flour, eggs, fat, sugar and leavening agents).” Basically, their method doesn’t just simulate a loaf of bread in its delicious final form, but a combination of unbaked solids, water, and gas going through the entire baking process. These materials react to heat in order to re-create the dynamics of IRL baking, like melting, rising, cracking, and solidification.

States where recreational marijuana legalized see increased problematic use | Reuters

The new study is “important because there are few studies that have looked at the impact of legalization of recreational cannabis on use and problematic use,” said Ziva Cooper, director of research for the Cannabis Research Initiative at the University of California, Los Angeles. “It’s also the first to look at this in specific age groups.” “One caveat is that the study only goes up to 2016 when there were only four states from which to draw data,” Cooper said. “It’s going to be really important to see if the findings can be generalized going forward.”

Can the Japanese community save Little Tokyo from gentrification? | KCRW-FM’s “Greater LA”

Even if they do raise enough money, there’s the tricky business of identifying which businesses to support, as UCLA professor Paul Ong points out. “In many ways, you have to factor in things that normal businesses would not think about. That is, what is the cultural value, for example, of these businesses? What do they represent symbolically?”

This guy studies the ‘global systems death spiral’ that might end humanity | Vice

“While there is plenty of scientific evidence that climate change will pose increasingly existential threats to the most vulnerable individuals in society and to key global ecosystems, even these dire outcomes aren’t equivalent to the ‘annihilation of intelligent life,’ as is claimed in the report,” argued UCLA’s Daniel Swan.

How Reddit is creating a generation of at-home dermatologists | Cosmopolitan

“I think part of the issue is that patients often don’t get enough personalized attention from derms,” says Jeremy Davis, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology at UCLA. “We’re extremely busy because there’s not enough of us, which can mean patients don’t feel listened to or seen.” Dr. Davis, who actually discovered and dabbled in SkincareAddiction during his residency, says that reading the subreddit has even helped to inform his practice: “I really put a lot of emphasis on getting everyone’s questions answered and trying to think about what their needs are,” he says.

Injecting illegal drugs ups risk for death after heart surgery | Medical Xpress

People who inject drugs (PWID) have shorter survival following cardiac surgery than non-PWID, according to a review published online Nov. 8 in BMC Infectious Diseases. David Goodman-Meza, M.D., from the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles, and colleagues conducted a systematic literature review to identify studies that examined long-term outcomes after cardiac surgery for infective endocarditis in PWID.