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Time travel: What if you met your future self? | BBC

(Commentary by UCLA’s Hal Hershfield) There’s a classic short story by Ted Chiang in which a young merchant travels years ahead and meets his future self. Over the course of the story, the man receives warnings, promises and tips from the older, wiser version of himself. These premonitions then change the course of the merchant’s life until he eventually becomes an older man, who meets his younger self and imparts the same wisdom.

The latest on Donald Trump’s legal problems | MSNBC

“Trump is awkward across a series of platforms. Look at what he’s just said about Jack Smith, whom he savaged, as well as his wife. So he’s really pushing it on many different levels. And I think judges who get these requests for gag orders really take seriously the prospect of some danger,” said UCLA’s Harry Littman (approx. 1:40 mark).  

LAUSD pledged to green schools. There’s still no finalized plan | LAist

And that hot weather could stretch further into the school year, says V. Kelly Turner, associate professor of urban planning and geography at UCLA and associate director of the Luskin Center for Innovation. “That’s just going to be how it is in the future,” Turner says. Turner and her colleagues have studied extreme heat and the role design plays in how people experience it. They found that “schools are some of the hottest places in communities” as a result of how they’ve been built.

New national report on climate change details sweeping effects | CalMatters

UCLA climate scientist Aradhna Tripati, one of the authors, said the new assessment “documents the state of the science on the physical and human experiences. It shows absolutely that what is happening is not normal.” “We’re actively experiencing severe climate change impacts. It’s no longer theoretical or a distant threat, an abstract one. It is not something that happens in the future here. It is not something only happening in places far away from where we live. All weather is now being affected. And this is human caused,” she said.

Feeling depressed? Otheres you know are, too | United Press International

Given that the numbers are high, “It’s hard to definitively say what is causing higher rates of depression in the United States,” UCLA psychologist Lauren Marlotte said. “However, we do know that as we become less active, less socially connected, have poorer sleep and are more stressed, we are at higher risk for depression,” said Marlotte, assistant director of training for the Nathanson Family Resilience Center within the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior.

Gene editing can cut cholesterol | KNX-FM

“You are changing the genome forever,” said Karol Watson, a cardiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Safety is going to be of the utmost importance, especially because there are currently safe and efficacious strategies available for lipid lowering.”