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Orange County redistricting and Latino representation | Los Angeles Times

But “cracking” — dividing adjacent cities with ethnic majorities, as happened with Latinos in Santa Ana and Anaheim — has been a major factor, said Sonja Diaz, a civil rights attorney and founding director of the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative. “Orange County has for far too long been dictated by the policy preferences of an aging, white electorate that leans conservative,” Diaz said. “And I say this as a jurisdiction that is increasingly multiethnic and multiracial, with large communities of Asian American and Latino electorates.”

Free speech on Facebook’s future Metaverse platform | Fox Business

Facebook has been accused of unfairly suppressing one political opinion in favor of another. Mark Grady, a professor of law and economics at UCLA, worries that those problems might become more complicated in the metaverse. “This seems to be a more ambitious undertaking than what they’re doing now,” Grady told FOX Business. “It seems like this idea of the multiverse just enlarges that problem.” 

Frozen CO2 could exist on Mars | New Atlas

A new study by the Planetary Science Institute and UCLA confirms that there are areas in the lunar south polar region where frozen carbon dioxide could exist, raising hopes that there could be significant resources to support future Moon missions. With an international raft of … missions to the Moon lined up for the next decade at least, finding lunar resources to support expeditions and outposts has become a top priority.

UCLA economist discusses gas price spike | KCBS-TV

“Keep in mind that folks are out and driving again. The economy has picked up. So demand for fuel has increased drastically. And if you think back to 18 months ago, at the beginning of this pandemic — do you remember when gas was a dollar a gallon? Well, that wiped out a bunch of oil producers … We’re see rising gas prices because there’s too much demand and not enough supply,” said UCLA’s Leo Feler.

L.A. port backlog and supply chain problems | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

A major backlog remains at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, creating problems for suppliers and businesses … Do you see much progress being made, particularly at the port complex? “I think every party is trying to do the best they can… Some progress has been made, definitely. But I think we can do better,” said UCLA’s Chris Tang (approx. 13:30 mark).