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Rethinking decorative grass during the drought | Los Angeles Times

Madelyn Glickfeld, co-director of UCLA’s Water Resources Group, said that the agreement is a good step but cities will need to do more, and that agricultural water districts should make similar water-saving commitments. “Agriculture has got to consider growing less water-intensive crops,” Glickfeld said.

Non-payment utility shutoffs cease for some Angelenos | Los Angeles Times

What’s more, low-income communities and communities of color are disproportionately affected by utility debt and shutoffs, according to DWP data and research from the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation … Greg Pierce, co-director for UCLA’s Luskin Center, said in a statement that the research and data “show the importance and need for this type of action.”

Autism treatment shifts away from ‘fixing’ the condition | Scientific American

“If you were a nonverbal six-year-old and at 12 you are able to speak, whether through an iPad or with your voice, that can be an optimal outcome,” says autism researcher Connie Kasari of the University of California, Los Angeles, who often works with minimally verbal people on the spectrum. “They can be very happy,” she observes. “They can be working. It comes down to how you define success within your world.”