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Kevin de León gives anti-Blackness a pass | Los Angeles Times

When we spoke, UCLA political psychologist Efrén Pérez likened the compromises made to the way fraternity or sorority pledges are encouraged to act. They’re presented both with mandated concessions and tempting incentives to keep what, in the end, is a very marginal position. … Pérez’s UCLA colleague, historian Kelly Lytle Hernandez, made me think about how the leaked tape called into question the significance, or limits, of racial representation in politics. “Why are we having people of color [in these roles] if they’re not going to see our struggle?” Lytle Hernandez asked. “Our struggles have commonalities. Instead, they’re trying to position themselves for power, their allies for power. That was the most disheartening part of it for me.” (Pérez was also quoted in a separate article in the Los Angeles Times.)

Neither party won the California midterms | Los Angeles Times

The wins by incumbents illustrate how our rigidly polarized political landscape leads to fewer wild swings between the parties, said Lynn Vavreck, a political scientist at UCLA. “That, to me, is a reflection of how settled and divided and separated this moment in politics is in America. It’s not just California, it’s happening everywhere,” Vavreck said.

Republicans, fear the young | New York Times

Our research shows that the more closely younger Americans follow politics, the more likely they are to approve of Mr. Biden’s job performance. As Victor Shi, a [UCLA] junior and Mr. Biden’s youngest convention delegate in 2020, reminded me, “the messenger matters, and it’s much easier for a young person to listen if it comes from their peer.”

The problem with boycotting law school rankings | New York Times

Russell Korobkin, interim dean of the law school at University of California, Los Angeles, said that if LSAT requirements were dropped — in both admissions and as a measure in U.S. News rankings — he feared that even more weight would be put on undergraduate GPAs.

How to stay safe and healthy this Thanksgiving | ABC News

“Just make sure if you’re going to test, test as close to the event as you possibly can,” Dr. Anne Rimoin, a professor of epidemiology at the University of California Los Angeles Fielding School of Public Health, told ABC News. “That will be helpful in reducing the spread of this virus.” (Rimoin was also interviewed by KTLA-TV.)

COVID’s economic fallout linked with poor mental health | Medical Xpress

A study published today by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research shows that the economic effects of COVID-19 increased the risk for poor mental health among California adults. The research, which draws data from the 2020 California Health Interview Survey, revealed that because the pandemic disrupted many California adults’ ability to pay for housing, basic necessities and child care, it increased the risk of psychological distress, which in turn severely impaired their daily functioning. (UCLA’s Imelda Padilla-Frausto was quoted.)

FDA gives OK for lab-grown meat | Healthline

Dr. Dana Ellis Hunnes, a senior clinical dietitian at UCLA medical center, assistant professor at UCLA Fielding school of public health, and author of Recipe for Survival, expect that it will be a while before lab-grown meat is scalable and affordable for the average person. “With that said, it is moving in a better direction from a welfare, environmental standpoint, and perhaps even nutritional standpoint if you can add to the ‘meat’ whatever nutritional profile you want,” Hunnes told Healthline.

Why California escaped another destructive fire season | Los Angeles Times

“We got really lucky this year,” said Park Williams, an associate professor of geography at UCLA. “By the end of June, things were looking like the dice were loaded very strongly toward big fires because things were very dry, and there was a chance of big heat waves in the summer, and indeed we actually did have a really big heat wave this summer in September. But that coincided with some really well-timed and well-placed rainstorms.”

Does San Diego really have higher vehicle emissions than L.A.? | San Diego Union-Tribune

“L.A.’s the only U.S. city I’ve seen use this protocol, so it’s difficult to compare L.A.’s inventory with any other city,” said Juan Matute, deputy director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UCLA, who helped develop the method adopted by San Diego. “I think the blame here goes to L.A. for doing their own thing,” he added. “San Diego’s looks more like what I would expect from a climate action plan.”

Western states concerned about megadrought | Xinhua

A study published this February by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), showed that the U.S. West had spent the last two decades in the most extreme megadrought in at least 1,200 years. … “We now know from these studies that is dry not only from the context of recent memory but in the context of the last millennium,” said Park Williams, a climate scientist at the UCLA and the study’s lead author.

UCLA-led study offers new insights into early universe | United Press International

“Everything we see is new. Webb is showing us that there’s a very rich universe beyond what we imagined,” said Tommaso Treu of the University of California at Los Angeles, principal investigator on one of the Webb programs.

Male fandom and the Musk–Twitter saga | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“Empirically, in terms of what the evidence says, I think these kind of personalities do if fact tend to attract men, but it’s not all men in general, it’s sort men who I think believe that they are in very uncertain times, especially in terms of what it means to be a man,” said UCLA’s Efrén Pérez (approx. 3:43 mark).