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How workaholics drive inequality | Washington Post Opinion

It’s not just a reflection of growing economic inequality, it’s also a contributor, says a new study by economists Edward E. Leamer and J. Rodrigo Fuentes…. Leamer and Fuentes, who collaborated on the study at UCLA, noticed that higher-income employees were spending more time working, whether “at the office,” home or somewhere else. The biggest increases were largely confined to workers with bachelor’s or advanced degrees (professional or doctoral degrees).

Loneliness is the quiet health epidemic impacting your heart, brain and longevity | Prevention magazine

Middle age is when that dissatisfaction often runs highest — and when illness begins to brew. “The loneliness-related diseases old people get diagnosed with can take decades to develop, but often start to emerge on a cellular level in early middle age and even before then,” says Steve Cole, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, medicine, and biobehavioral science at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

Rare mummified lions add to Egyptology buzz | Nature

The 30 Luxor coffins were discovered in two rows, stacked one on top of the other, in a pit 1 metre below ground. “I’ve never seen a parallel for this,” says Kathlyn Cooney, chair of the department of Near Eastern languages and cultures at the University of California, Los Angeles…. Cooney says it is crucial that the mummies have been found in their coffins, “potentially correcting, if not reversing, a century of colonial academic wrongs by Egyptologists who separated coffins from mummies and didn’t or wouldn’t study the human remains properly.” (UCLA’s Willeke Wendrich also mentioned)

Mathematicians catch a pattern by figuring out how to avoid it | Quanta magazine

“There’s a sort of indestructibility to these patterns,” said Terence Tao of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Traveling to polluted cities, even for short trip, can be hazardous to your health, UCLA study says | City News Service

When preparing for a trip, travelers often check the weather at their destination, but a UCLA study released Monday suggests people may want to check their destination's air pollution levels.

Want to hang with Springsteen at the Jersey Shore? Check out this new contest | New Jersey Advance Media

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting The Boss, here’s your chance. The Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles is holding a fundraising contest and one lucky winner and a guest will get to spend a day on the Asbury Park Boardwalk with Bruce Springsteen…. Donations will go to support the arts, education and outreach at Geffen Playhouse, a non-profit theater owned by The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

How much should New York charge for a parking space? A lot | Bloomberg Opinion

There’s the long-standing reality that it’s just really hard to find a place to park in New York City — studies conducted in 2007 found that 28% of those driving in SoHo in Manhattan and 45% in Park Slope, Brooklyn, were looking for a parking space. And thanks to the work of University of California at Los Angeles economist Donald Shoup and others, there’s a growing realization that failing to price parking fairly has all sorts of costs for cities beyond just the foregone revenue.

Human biases are baked into algorithms. Now what? | Marketplace

“I think it is intractable, and I think we are entering a new era of need for consumer protection from these scenarios that are happening again every day all over the world, quite frankly. It’s very difficult to figure out how you’re going to reconcile. We know that people have a hard time just correcting things on a credit report. Well, times that by potentially dozens of companies that are making data profiles about us, that are determining whether we have access to a mortgage, to credit, small business loans,” said UCLA’s Safiya Noble.

Late-term pregnancy risks: Should doctors induce labor or ‘wait-and-see’? | NBC’s “Today”

At the University of California, Los Angeles, doctors and patients decide together what to do if the pregnancy goes past the due date, said Dr. Yalda Afshar, an assistant professor in the department of maternal fetal medicine at UCLA Health. “The goals of the obstetrician and the pregnant women must be aligned — safe mother and safe baby,” she said. The new research will help “strengthen our recommendation for delivery before 42 weeks’ gestation,” Afshar said in an email. “This type of study is the absolute ‘gold standard’ of how we evaluate medical recommendations and decision making.”

Google’s new political ad policy will cost consultants, and improve our democracy | CALmatters Opinion

A recent study conducted by professor Keith Chen of UCLA found that the toxicity of politics was pitting family members against family members. His proof point: last year, Americans spent up to 27 minutes less time together on Thanksgiving than in previous years.

Mayoral candidate on why mental health, drug issues must be addressed in dealing with homelessness | San Diego Union Tribune Opinion

I have argued we need a data-driven, comprehensive and collaborative approach that addresses the real causes of homelessness. One recent study from the Los Angeles Times showed that 46% of those living on the streets had substance abuse problems and 51% had mental health issues. Another study out of UCLA reported substance abuse and mental health concerns at 75% and 78%, respectively.