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UCLA is dispelling the Latino monolith myth | Los Angeles Times’ De Los

The Latino population has been depicted as a monolith, but a new data hub by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute is looking to provide a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the diverse Latino population within the United States. Understanding the Latino demographic as a mosaic, not a monolith, is at the heart of UCLA’s new Latino Data Hub. (UCLA’s Rodrigo Dominguez-Villegas was quoted. Also: LAist 89.3-FM.)

Manuscript gets digital treatment from UCLA and Getty | KCRW 89.3-FM

For centuries, a rich manuscript documenting the culture and customs of the Nahua people sat archived in the Laurentian Library in Florence, Italy. Kevin Terraciano, the chair of UCLA’s history department, and a team of UCLA and Getty researchers set out to make this manuscript –– called the Florentine Codex –– easily accessible by digitizing the entire document. The project, which started in 2015, was completed and launched online last week. (Terraciano was quoted.)

UCLA lecturer, TV writer and novelist talks books | Daily Breeze

Tananarive Due is the author of several novels and two short story collections, “Ghost Summer: Stories” and “The Wishing Pool and Other Stories.” She teaches Afrofuturism and Black Horror at UCLA, and she is also co-author (with her late mother, Patricia Stephens Due) of a civil rights memoir, “Freedom in the Family: A Mother-Daughter Memoir of the Fight for Civil Rights.” (Due was interviewed.)

Suspensions put foster and homeless youth at risk | Daily Breeze

Homeless and foster youth are some of Southern California’s highest need students, but they are also the students who find themselves excluded from classrooms the most. A recent study from UCLA’s Civil Rights Project and the National Center for Youth Law found in district after district that suspensions fuel dramatic disparities in class instruction time for students with unstable homes or disabilities. (UCLA’s Daniel Losen and Ramon Flores were quoted.)

Researchers push to reduce fire risk from lithium-ion batteries | NBC News

Yuzhang Li, an assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not involved in the study, said Wang’s development was an essential step to improving lithium-ion battery safety. Li is working on his own innovations, building a next-generation battery made of lithium metal, which is capable of storing 10 times more energy than the graphite electrode component in traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Vote on a plan to stop beach erosion | Los Angeles Daily News

“During energetic wave events, you have erosion,” said Timu Gallien, professor in civil and environmental engineering at UCLA whose expertise is in coastal engineering. Studies from UCLA predict the coastline in L.A. County will experience more intense storms, producing more waves and beach erosion. “We are expecting atmospheric river (storms) to intensify and become more dominant in Southern California,” she said. “They generate more intense local wave climates.”

Austin is abolishing parking requirements | Insider

The U.S. has long prioritized parking — and built an astounding amount of it. There are an estimated three parking spots for every car in the country, according to Donald Shoup, a leading parking expert and professor of Urban Planning at UCLA. 

Think cats are aloof? They make nearly 300 expressions. | Washington Post

Florkiewicz and co-researcher Lauren Scott were studying anthropology at UCLA in 2020 when they decided to research cats. Florkiewicz had been analyzing facial expressions in chimpanzees and other primates, but she said there had not been much research on the expressions that cats give each other.