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A question about slavery is now on the ballot in 5 states | New York Times

Sharon Dolovich, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that even if the 13th Amendment was not the primary justification for allowing mandatory prison labor, its existence in the Constitution most likely weighs on the mind of judges who evaluate prisoners’ claims.

U.K. Conservatives must choose leader quickly | Washington Post

(Analysis by UCLA’s Georgia Kernell) Whoever is selected will be the Conservatives’ fifth prime minister in under seven years. Does this mean that the party is in an existential crisis? Alternatively, is the party just brutally efficient at responding when a leader loses public confidence? (Kernell’s analysis was also cited by the New York Times.)

Price of turkeys is up this year, but here’s how you can save | KABC-TV

Financial experts say people are comparing prices and sometimes, choosing to buy in big bulk stores. “In terms of food and groceries, I think Costco is still booming, and then other stores will be suffering,” said Chris Tang, a professor of business at UCLA.

Millions of Californians struggle to pay for water | Los Angeles Times

[A]dvocates said that legislation like SB 222 would mitigate the financial burden of rising water prices. “The evidence is overwhelming of the need,” said Gregory Pierce, co-director of the Luskin Center for Innovation at UCLA. Even if the bill lacked funding, signing it would have been an important step “to get the work started,” he said.

Philanthropist’s new tool for preventing homelessness | Los Angeles Times

Various strategies are being tested as solutions. They range from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors pilot program to supplement poor people’s incomes to a UCLA research project analyzing data from county social services agencies to predict who are most likely lose their homes.

Understanding addiction treatment outcomes | Orange County Register

The difference between getting off drugs and staying off drugs, a wise man once told us, is the difference between a wedding and a happy marriage. “The wedding is a big deal, but it has nothing to do with a happy marriage,” Walter Ling, professor of psychiatry and founding director of the Integrated Substance Abuse Programs at UCLA, observed when we began tracking tragedy in the addiction treatment industry.

New COVID variants may fuel a winter surge | Health

Though they’re not sentient, viruses aim to spread and replicate as much as possible, Otto Yang, MD, associate chief of infectious diseases and professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, told Health.

New law targets misleading pregnancy services | City News Service

Around 6,200 people are now projected to travel to Los Angeles County each year for abortion care, according to a UCLA study published in June. The study was based on the likelihood that 26 states would ban nearly all abortions after the court’s decision.

Are wildfires offsetting progress in carbon reduction? | Governing

A recent paper on the impact of California’s 2020 fire season from researchers at UCLA reported that “emissions in 2020 essentially negate 18 years of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from other sectors by a factor of two.” In a communications ecosystem built around head-turning news, this finding spread like wildfire itself. ”One of the key points that we wanted to raise is that we really need to start tracking this and treating it as though it is at least a partial human emission source,” said Michael Jerrett, chair of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health and lead author of the paper.

Few California DAs file charges for wage theft | CalMatters

When a business owner gets convicted, “if they’re behind bars, they’re definitely not paying their workers,” said Tia Koonse, legal and policy research manager at the UCLA Labor Center.