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Teens prefer to see less sex, more friendships on screen | Deadline

A UCLA study finds teens and young adults are not interested in romance and sex in plotlines of most TV shows and movies, while a majority is interested in content about friendships and platonic relationships … “While it’s true that adolescents want less sex on TV and in movies, what the survey is really saying is that they want more and different kinds of relationships reflected in the media they watch,” said Dr. Yalda T. Uhls, founder and director of CSS, co-author of the study, and adjunct professor in UCLA’s psychology department. (UCLA’s Stephanie Rivas-Lara was also quoted. Also: IndieWire, Mashable and DailyMail.com.)

Will California’s Central Valley survive climate change? | Los Angeles Times

The valley’s oil interests create many internal contradictions, said Megan Mullin, a professor of public policy at UCLA focused on environmental politics. Mullin recently was co-author of a paper that found that climate change is projected to disproportionately affect Republican voters, with the highest concentration of properties at risk for floods and wildfires in Republican areas.

Saving the redwoods by helping them move? | New York Times Magazine

“It’s highly likely that many of the giant sequoias in their current groves may not make it for the next century,” Park Williams, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who focuses on the Western United States, told me. He notes that the soil is becoming dryer in the southern Sierra Nevada, and snowpack is disappearing earlier in the year, ushering in a longer dry season.

Questions about COVID and flu vaccines | KTLA-TV

“Here we are, we’re in the Fall. We know that cases of respiratory disease start to rise, so it’s a good time to get vaccinated. What the CDC recommends right now is that everybody over the age of six months is eligible for a COVID vaccine,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin.

Gov. Newsom visiting China to talk climate | KCRW 89.9-FM’s ‘Press Play’

“Newsom’s our third governor to be heading over to China. He’s there to talk about climate change, which has been something that our past governors have promoted. Most recently and notably, Governor Brown went to China during the Trump administration and actually met with Xi Jinping, which is highly unusual for a head of state to meet with a subnational leader,” said UCLA’s Alex Wang (approx. 1:05 mark).

Fringe UCLA theater group is 40 years strong | KCRW 89.9-FM’s ‘Greater LA’

In 1981, eight UCLA students started performing theater in unexpected places like garages, art galleries and street corners. They called themselves The Actors’ Gang. In the four-plus decades since their founding, they’ve gone on national and international tours and established programs to introduce theater to kids and incarcerated people.