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Are many homeless people in L.A. mentally ill? New findings back the public’s perception | Los Angeles Times

The Times analysis aligns with a national study released Sunday by the California Policy Lab at UCLA, which found even higher rates in most categories. It also found that a mental health “concern” affected 78% of the unsheltered population and a substance abuse “concern,” 75%. The findings lend statistical support to the public’s frequent association of mental illness, physical disabilities and substance abuse with homelessness. But neither the UCLA study nor the Times analysis suggests that these disabilities and health conditions alone cause people to end up on the streets. (Also: KNBC-TV, KABC-TV)

Disney-ABC executive Dana Walden backs the cancer center that helped save her mother’s life | Variety

Dana Walden came to appreciate the work of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center the hard way — after her mother, Sheril Friedman, was diagnosed with a rare form of follicular lymphoma in 2008. Walden, one of the most powerful executives in television in her role as chairman of Disney Television Studios and ABC Entertainment, was directed to Jonsson by her close friend Jay Sures, co-president of UTA, whose father also battled cancer…. Jonsson became a focal point of charitable giving for Walden and her husband, Matt Walden. Dana Walden also serves on the board of the center’s fundraising arm, the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation. “It was an incredible introduction to a place where I felt like they treated the whole person, not just the disease, with a lot of compassion and an extraordinary amount of information at their fingertips,” Walden says.

Bike lanes added to 600 miles of Los Angeles since 2010 | Spectrum News1

“49 percent of pollutant particles go away when a CicLAvia takes place,” said Andres Cuervo, the director of UCLA's Centennial Celebration. “So that speaks to the impact of getting Angelenos out of their cars.”

CicLAvia festival honors UCLA’s 100th birthday | Fox11-TV

During the celebration councilmember [UCLA alum] Jose Huizar presented UCLA with a Certificate of Recognition from the city in honor of their 100th birthday. 

What adult vapers should do now | Wall Street Journal

“People have vaped cannabis oil for more than 10 years, so the question is what is new that is causing this,” says Jeffrey Chen, director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative. “The difficulty is that when you don’t know what you’re looking for, chemical analysis becomes very difficult,” he says.

Addressing mental health challenges on college campuses | Forbes

Schools like Duke University, Davidson College, UCLA, and Rutgers are conducting research involving students’ mental health and innovative treatment approaches. The most notable example of a proactive treatment approach comes from UCLA. Through the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge, a campus-wide initiative, UCLA piloted a new and unique system of care in 2017, referred to as the Screening and Treatment for Anxiety and Depression (STAND) program, that offers screening, tracking and treatment to all students for anxiety, depression and suicidality.

Whoa! Astronomers just found 20 new moons around Saturn | Gizmodo

The team behind the discovery includes Scott Sheppard from the Carnegie Institution for Science, David Jewitt of UCLA, and Jan Kleyna from the University of Hawaii. The distant orbs were spotted with the Subaru telescope located on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, according to a Carnegie press release. (Also: Space.com)

#MeToo at 2: What we’re learning about men, women and politics as the movement matures | New York Daily News Opinion

Even coercive sex, if we’re talking about psychological pressure, is not a one-way street: In 2016, UCLA professor Lara Stemple analyzed data from several major studies and found that it happens to men, usually at the hands of women, far more often than commonly known.

Five groundbreaking Latino CEOs share their advice for success | CNBC

At 18% of the U.S. population, Latinos are responsible for 82% of the growth in the U.S. labor force since the financial crisis. That’s according to the Latino Donor Collective U.S. Latino GDP Report, prepared by researchers at the California Lutheran University Center for Economic Research & Forecasting and UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health & Culture.

Are LGBTQ employees safe from discrimination? A new Supreme Court case will decide | NPR’s “Morning Edition”

“What these cases will decide is does the federal statute that prohibits sex discrimination in employment cover discrimination on the basis of someone’s sexual orientation or their gender identity, because those forms of discrimination are sex-based,” said Adam Romero, the federal policy director at the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

10 fascinating things we learned about universities | KCET-TV

This year marks UCLA’s centennial anniversary, and the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture is celebrating with a series of conversations called 10 Questions: Centennial Edition. Every Tuesday evening for ten weeks, experts from diverse disciplines will explore answers to big questions like “What Is Justice?,” “What Is Creativity?,” and “What Is Love?” … What is a university? October 1, Emily Carter, sustainable energy expert and UCLA’s executive vice chancellor, and Peter Sellars, stage and festival director, discussed the role of universities in society.

Real justice requires unanimous juries for criminal convictions | Los Angeles Times Opinion

Prominent legal scholars, including Eugene Volokh, a constitutional law professor at UCLA, say that recent Supreme Court decisions applying the Bill of Rights to the states have increased the likelihood that the court will reverse field. Volokh predicted that the court will rule that the 6th Amendment’s guarantee of an impartial jury must also apply to the states because of the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of due process of law.

Teen depression risk lower in close-knit families | Reuters

“This study cannot determine whether parent-child relationships cause depression or not and does not explain why the two might be linked,” said Dr. Rebecca Dudovitz, a researcher at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA who wasn’t involved in the study. “However, one theory is that healthy family relationships provide social support and lay the foundation in the brain and body for a healthy response to stressful situations,” Dudovitz said by email. “As adolescents and young adults are faced with stress, they can then cope with it more easily and recover from stress more quickly, which helps avoid depression.”

Hudson Pacific puts priority on L.A.’s tech and media companies | Los Angeles Business Journal

Tim Kawahara, executive director at the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate, called the group’s projects “extraordinarily high profile.” Hudson Pacific Chairman and Chief Executive Victor Coleman was one of the Ziman Center’s founding board members. “With all the streaming services and the need to generate content, you’re seeing lots of that type of space being developed,” Kawahara said. “Victor and Hudson Pacific have really been out in front of the market.”

These small cars can help drive the autonomous future | Wired

Over the next three years, Houssam Abbas will carefully send 80 modified Traxxas RC rally cars — the Ford Fiesta model — to research facilities around the country. Some will go to Arizona State University, others to Clemson University, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, UCLA, Vanderbilt University, or the University of Iowa. In each place, researchers will open their packages, take out the 21-inch, modified, 1/10th-scale car, and begin to run tests.

Restoring visual perception to the blind | KTTV-LA’s “Good Day LA”

“Being able to tell where a doorway is, being able to tell where the sidewalk begins or ends, or where the crosswalk is are all extremely meaningful events that can help these people regain some form of independence,” said UCLA’s Dr. Nader Pouratian.

Lari Pittman’s extraordinary ‘Declaration of Independence’ at the Hammer Museum | Los Angeles Times Review

Lari Pittman makes the queerest paintings around. He’s been doing it nonstop since 1985. That was the year he produced an unprecedented series of exceptional paintings and painted sculptures. Their theme, forthright and unabashed, is encapsulated in “Lari Pittman: Declaration of Independence,” the title of his breathtaking new career retrospective at the UCLA Hammer Museum. For the first time, the Hammer has turned over virtually all its main exhibition spaces to a comprehensive survey of a single artist — a testament to his singular achievement and broad influence. Pittman is Distinguished Professor of Painting and Drawing at the school, but a standard faculty show this is not.

Medicare Advantage plans provide benefits, despite limitations | KCRW-FM

“One of the big drawing features or attractions of Medicare Advantage plans is that they offer benefits in addition to the standard Medicare coverage,” said UCLA’s Gerald Kominski.

Rising heart infections tied to U.S. opioid epidemic | Reuters

Future research should look at relapse and reinfection related to treatment and surgical intervention, said Dr. Peyman Benharash of the University of California, Los Angeles, who wasn’t involved in the study. “It’s become a huge ethical debate about reinfection of the valves and what to do,” he told Reuters Health by phone. “Do you offer a second operation?”

Manfred Keil, new chief economist for IEEP, sees more automation, challenges ahead for Inland Empire | Los Angeles Daily News

Manfred Keil, a longtime professor of economics at Claremont McKenna College, will analyze trends and policy for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership. He replaces John Husing who held the position for 10 years and now will focus on his own company, Redlands-based Economics and Politics Inc. Keil, an Upland resident, has been at CMC since 1995 and has collaborated with UCLA’s Anderson School to develop its annual forecast on the Inland Empire economy.