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CAP UCLA’s ambitious new performance space opens | Los Angeles Times

In September, the Crest will reopen as the UCLA Nimoy Theater and will be used as a home base for CAP UCLA’s eclectic, interdisciplinary performing arts programming. Those behind the 300-seat venue hope it will soon become a crucial part of L.A.’s vibrant — although still pandemic-challenged — live arts landscape. (UCLA’s Fred Frumberg and Meryl Friedman were quoted; UCLA’s Edgar Miramontes was cited.)

L.A., here’s how to win Beyoncé’s mute challenge | Los Angeles Times

As soon as she says mute, she and her backup dancers freeze and put their fingers over their lips. The music stops too. The challenge is for the tens of thousands of people in the stadium to stay silent for about five seconds, until Beyoncé continues with the next line: “Look around, it’s me and my crew / Big energy.” (UCLA’s Catherine Provenzano and Neal Stulberg were quoted.)

Mitch McConnell may be experiencing small seizures | New York Times

“Seizures have a stigma in our society, and that’s unfortunate because these are very brief electrical interruptions in behavior,” said Dr. Jeffrey Saver, a professor of neurology at UCLA. “Between those rare episodes, which are usually well controlled with medicines, people function perfectly normally.”

Biden proposes marijuana reclassification | KCRW 89.9-FM’s ‘Press Play’

“The scheduling system was put forth in part to differentiate drugs that have therapeutic effects, and also to classify drugs that might have negative effects, specifically related to their potential to be abused,” said UCLA’s Dr. Ziva Cooper (approx. 1:05 mark).

Texas allows transgender medical ban to begin | New York Times

There are estimated to be 30,000 transgender people in Texas between the ages of 13 and 17, according to the Williams Institute, a research center at the UCLA School of Law. The state is the largest that has banned transgender care for minors.

L.A. County Covid cases on the rise | KTLA-TV

“We’ve seen an increase in cases and we’ve seen an increase in hospitalizations. Now that said, we’re starting from a much lower baseline than we were a year ago. You can liken this to the weather. If the forecast is we’re going to see rain, you might want to take an umbrella with you. So you can think about this the same way we think about masks. If you have a lot of Covid that’s circulating, you want to be prepared. Put a mask in your pocket,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin (approx. 2:00 mark).

Can at-home COVID tests detect new variants Eris and Pirola? | Yahoo Life

But the lead author of the study on at-home tests, Alexander Viloria Winnett, a member of the UCLA-Caltech Medical Scientist Training Program, says the latest findings raise questions about whether you’ll get more accurate results if you could swab your nose and throat. “Our data suggest that a combination nose-throat swab would lead to better results,” he tells Yahoo Life. “But tests need to be validated for that. We need to make sure that the tests can handle it.”

7 books for better sleep | New York Times

If you’re struggling with shut-eye, or you’re simply sleep-curious, reading a book is a solid place to start. “I always encourage people to learn and experiment on their own, and sometimes, a book is a great way to raise awareness,” said Jennifer Martin, a clinical psychologist and professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. (She also noted that you should reach out to your doctor if you’re worried about sleep.)

Have interstellar meteor fragments been found in the ocean? | New Scientist

Loeb says that the compositions indicate that the spherules probably came from a differentiated object, meaning one that’s had enough time for the densest elements to sink to the middle. But to some other researchers, that doesn’t track. “These interstellar objects, we expect them to be leakage from the Oort cloud equivalents around other stars … not these differentiated objects that he’s suggesting,” says Alan Rubin at the University of California, Los Angeles. “They’re not what you would expect from interplanetary material.”

Wildfires force Sicilian winemakers to face climate change | Washington Post

Morgan Tingley, an associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California at Los Angeles, said that a hotter world due to climate change is a drier one as well. “More of the globe is more at risk of having a fire start than at any previous time, and those fires are now also more likely to be bigger,” he said.

The environmental and health costs of LEDs | LAist 89.3-FM ‘AirTalk’

“I don’t have the exact numbers in terms of the payback period, but I think it’s on the order of five years, where you’ve, through lower operating costs, paid back the cost of replacing a(n) older light with an LED. But it does pencil out, and that’s one the reasons why we had a pretty large wave of conversions in the United States, following the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” said UCLA’s Travis Longcore (approx. 2:20 mark).

‘Educational intimidation bills’ | Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Amid the current political environment across the nation, there must be more done to prepare and support future teachers and administrators, said Dr. Robert Teranishi, professor of social science and comparative education at UCLA. “We also need to express support for teachers and principals when they communicate their commitment to create a safe and inclusive learning environment,” he said in an email statement. 

Artist gives DIY ‘performative’ tours of the region | Los Angeles Times

[Vincent Enrique] Hernandez, who works at the Fowler Museum at UCLA part-time as an exhibition preparator, makes art in his home studio, a spare bedroom in his parents’ house, the house he’s lived in since he was 3, in which he still lives. His parents are originally from Venezuela — his father is a TV news videographer and his mother is an artist — and the house is filled with art on the walls, tabletops, even in the bathtub. (The work of UCLA’s Judith Baca was featured.)