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Blacks’ and Latinos’ finances hit the hardest by COVID-19 | City News Service

Racial and ethnic groups, including Blacks and Latinos, have suffered the worst financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 76.6% of California adults would get a coronavirus vaccine if available, according to survey results announced Wednesday by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.… “[W]e felt called to produce data that can be used by decision-makers on who and how to assist during this unprecedented time,’’ said Ninez Ponce, director of UCLA CHPR and principal investigator of the California Health Interview Survey.

Smoke turns skies orange | BBC News

In a tweet, Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), said “extremely dense” and “tall smoke plumes” were “almost completely blocking out the sun”.

The new criteria for Oscars best picture consideration | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“I think this has been in the works for a while. I’m happy to see that they actually pulled the trigger and moved forward with this. I think it’s a flexible, reasonable approach to dealing with the problem of diversity in the industry,” said UCLA’s Darnell Hunt (approx. 7:55 mark).

Tips for helping kids with virtual education | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“I think that one of the challenges for high school age students is that they don’t have the normal social interaction that they might have in a regular everyday face-to-face setting. However, for many years now, adolescents have become very savvy at using the available technology that we have. And in that way, they might be better positioned than younger students to stay connected,” said UCLA’s Erin Powers (approx. 10:35 mark).

Hotter areas of L.A. tied to discriminatory lending practices | KPCC-FM

“We know very well that greenery and trees are the best way to protect from what we call the urban heat island effect,” said UCLA’s Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

More are using marijuana when depressed. Does it help or harm? | HealthDay News

Experts say this boom in use among the depressed is probably linked to the spread of marijuana legalization across the United States, particularly for medical purposes. “Its accessibility has increased over the specific time period that this study measures,” noted Michael Wetter, director of adolescent and young adult medicine with the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

The impact of COVID-19 on gambling behaviors | Times of India

(Interview with UCLA’s Dr. Timothy Fong) “Gambling disorder much like all other addictions is caused by biological, psychological and social risk factors. Biological risk factors are genetic and increase risk of addiction by creating differences in how a person responds to gambling behaviours,” said Fong.

Improve nutrition guidelines or Latinos will bear the brunt of health crises | San Diego Union-Tribune commentary

This all has a measurable impact on health outcomes. According to a report from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, “the highest rates of obesity and diabetes are among people who live in lower-income communities and have worse food environments.” Hispanic youth suffer from obesity at higher rates than their White counterparts. And Hispanic adults are nearly twice as likely as White Americans to receive a diabetes diagnosis.

A homebrewed version of the trendy drink Kin Euphoric | Mel magazine

Neurohacking nerds swear by (and bicker over) their custom regimens, but Dana Hunnes, senior dietician at the Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center had her doubts about a kitchen-sink approach to supplements when we spoke about D20. “Basically, what they’re marketing is reductive medicine, which refers to stripping down an herb or root and trying to extract one or two benefits from it very specifically,” she told me. “The problem is, companies don’t really have to prove what they say these ingredients do, and especially not what they claim a blend can do.”