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Morocco earthquake kills more than 2,000 | Wall Street Journal

Marrakesh would have had higher-than-average shaking than surrounding areas, according to Jonathan Stewart, a professor of engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. One reason for that, he said, is there could be softer soil conditions in the valley where the city is located. (Stewart was also interviewed by CNN.)  

Ambrose Akinmusire learned to let go | New York Times

For arguably the most technically gifted trumpeter of his generation, a lot of Ambrose Akinmusire’s breakthroughs actually come from letting go of standards and structures … Starting this fall, all of that will have to fit around Akinmusire’s new role as artistic director of the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Performance at UCLA. A product of the academic age in jazz, Akinmusire’s creative life has been intertwined with the Hancock institute nearly from the start. (Akinmusire was quoted.)

Cooper Kupp wears a performance-enhancing number | Los Angeles Times

And now there’s proof, or at least an academic study — from UCLA, no less — that validates what wide receivers have said all along … In two experiments, subjects consistently said that images of players in jerseys numbered from 10 to 19 looked thinner than those in jerseys numbered from 80 to 89, even when the body sizes were the same. The finding suggests that associations between numbers and sizes experienced over time influence the perception of body size. (UCLA’s Ladan Shams was quoted.)

COVID cases continue to climb | KTLA-TV

“This is the new phase of starting to figure out how to live with COVID, but also be very mindful of what’s going on around us. There are so many tools that we have at our disposal now that we didn’t have at the beginning of the pandemic. We’re not going back to where we were at the beginning, or even where we were last year. We have so many more tools available to us,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin (approx. 2:45 mark).

Lawmakers battle Wall Street over health care | Politico

“It’s not just interest rates,” said Ashvin Gandhi, an assistant professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management whose research on health outcomes and financing has been cited by both the PE industry and its critics. “Really, any means by which a firm raises capital often has some risks associated with it.”

Competing unions seek to woo city hall staffers | Los Angeles Times

“We have seen a dramatic increase in unionization efforts among workers who previously have never been unionized,” said UCLA Labor Center director Kent Wong, connecting the dots between the budding City Hall campaign, a long-stymied effort to organize staffers in the California Legislature and the growing number of unionized nonprofit workers.

Joe Biden has a voters of color problem | MSNBC

One caveat is that the Times’ analysis compares disparate kinds of data. The author “seems to be comparing [past] election day votes to hypothetical vote 14 months before election day,” Matt Barreto, a professor of political science at UCLA who advises the White House, wrote in an email. “This is a biased starting point because there are always undecided voters in a poll whereas election day is only actual votes cast. So any comparison to ‘12, ‘16, ‘20 is going to look lower because of undecided voters.”

Deadly humid heatwaves to spread rapidly as climate warms | The Guardian

Colin Raymond, at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not part of the study team, said: “Many areas are only slightly below the non-compensable heat level now, so as the planet continues to warm, the total increase in exposure will be exponential.”

Disney to pay $9.5 million settlement over Magic Key dispute | CNN

The Walt Disney Company agreed to pay $9.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the entertainment giant of “deceptive business practices” in regard to its Disneyland annual pass program, according to a court filing Thursday … A judge will now have to give preliminary approval to the agreed-upon settlement and will then assess the terms of the deal before giving a final sign-off, according to David Marcus, a professor of law at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The battle over college admissions compliance continues | Politico

“In my 44 years at five private institutions — even highly selective — and at UCLA, race has never been used to admit a student,” Youlonda Copeland-Morgan, former vice provost for enrollment management at UCLA, told your host at the Education Writers Association Higher Education Seminar.

Researchers used AI to rezone school districts | Education Week

The Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, which tracks school segregation over time, finds that both racial and economic isolation have risen significantly in the last 30 years, particularly in the same 100 largest districts whose zoning plans were simulated in the current study. For example, before the pandemic, Black students attend schools where they account for, on average, 47 percent of the population, though they make up only 15 percent of all public school students nationwide.

Former tanning addict takes on anti-sunscreen trend | Los Angeles Times

Anyone concerned about chemical sunscreens can stick to mineral ones. But some people don’t like the white cast many leave on darker skin. What’s important is to use something. “The best sunscreen is the one that is going to go from your counter to your skin,” says Teresa Soriano, a UCLA dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer.