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My plea to Joe Biden to stop another Armenian genocide | Rolling Stone

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Dr. Eric Esrailian) We are Armenian. We are the descendants of Armenian Genocide survivors, and we do not want to be talking about the recognition or commemoration of yet another genocide in the future. 

Extreme weather risks in red states could fuel climate investments | The Hill

Republican voters’ disproportionate vulnerability to extreme weather events could stimulate spending on climate action, researchers argue in a new policy paper … “The evidence is thin that exposure to climate impacts has any long-term effect on attitudes about climate change,” co-author Megan Mullin, a professor of public policy at the University of California Los Angeles, said in a statement.

Scientist denounces his own climate change research | Washington Post

Daniel Swain, a climate and wildfire scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, questioned the course that Brown took on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “If I had conducted a scientific analysis, submitted a manuscript for consideration in a peer reviewed journal, and then subsequently felt pressured from the journal itself to substantively alter the framing or conclusions to ‘fit a narrative,’” Swain wrote, “I would … not ... have done so.”

Wildfire risk is everywhere and growing | Vox

While risk modeling maps aren’t predictive, they can be eerie in hindsight. “Scientifically, physically, we know where these risk regions are,” said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California Los Angeles. “And they’re everywhere.”

Why has Afrofuturism become such a popular cultural movement? | El País

According to University of California, Los Angeles, professor Tiffany Barber, space is a key concept in Afrofuturism. “To upend how the traumas of slavery, colonialism and imperialism continue to organize our sociopolitical present and future, Black makers and thinkers have long looked to space — outer space, inner space, cyberspace — for room to grow, for more amenable geographies and species, and for places to hide and flourish,” she explains.

We can save lives with cardiopulmonary resuscitation | La Opinión

(Commentary by UCLA’s Dr. Nicholas Brownell and Boback Ziaeian) Although rare, these heart problems are terrifying for those affected and bystanders. It is crucial for athletes and the general public to quickly recognize when someone is having cardiac arrest. Providing basic emergency life support can save lives, limit injuries to vital organs and the brain. (Translated from Spanish.)

FDA approves new COVID booster shots | KTLA-TV

“For those people who are particularly vulnerable, it will definitely be something that will be strongly recommended. And then for the rest of the population, we’ll see what the CDC thinks in terms of what they’re seeing and who will benefit most,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin (approx. 1:25 mark).

In Ukraine, mathematics offers strength in numbers | New York Times

In Kyiv, [Maryna] Viazovska delivered four lectures on sphere packing. From Warsaw, Terence Tao, of the University of California, Los Angeles, and a 2006 Fields medalist, taught a course on prime numbers and related topics. “It was a surprisingly pleasant and normal mathematics conference,” Dr. Tao noted in an email afterward. The focus was not the war but the mathematics, he said, and the two sites shared lighthearted banter.

‘Forced outing’ policy gets green light | KCRW 89.9-FM’s ‘Greater LA’

The parental rights movement is part of a coordinated effort by Republicans to mobilize parents politically, says UCLA education professor John Rogers. “Certainly, the pandemic created frustration and anxiety that parents were feeling, and then that coalesced in attacks on public schools in more conservative or politically contested parts of the state,” he says. “But it also is the case that at this moment, those anxieties and concerns have been picked up on by party activists who are seeking to gain political advantage in a state in which Republicans have no access to the levers of power.”