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Election experts warn democracy is ‘under great stress’ | Politico

Prominent election experts have banded together to issue a warning: American democracy is “under great stress” heading into the 2024 election … “A lot of these recommendations are a response to what we saw in 2020,” said Rick Hasen, a well-known election law expert at UCLA Law School who chaired and convened the group. “In some ways, it’s changed for the worse.”

Doctors warn against the misuse of laxatives amid high demand | NBC News

According to Dr. Lin Chang, vice chief of the division of digestive diseases at UCLA, some people may think they need laxatives when they don’t — say, for purposes like alleviating stomach cramps. “We’re all kind of hardwired to believe that, ‘If I have any discomfort, if I go to the bathroom I’m going to feel better,’” Chang said. (The majority of over-the-counter laxatives haven’t been shown to improve abdominal symptoms.)

Alterations in circuits characterize six psychiatric conditions | Spectrum

The finding “drives home a point that we’ve been skirting around for many, many years,” says Lucina Uddin, professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not involved with the work. “It’s not likely that we’ll find one or even a couple of brain regions that are the area of dysfunction in any of these disorders, because it’s more likely that there’s big kind of large-scale systems that are dysfunctional in slightly different ways.”

Adults with single-ventricle CHD have transplant advantage | Medical Xpress

UCLA-led research finds that among adult congenital heart disease (CHD) transplant recipients, single-ventricle physiology correlated with higher short-term mortality. But 10-year conditional survival was similar for biventricular and most single-ventricle CHD patients, and notably better for biventricular CHD patients compared to non-CHD heart transplant recipients. (UCLA’s Dr. Syed Shahyan Bakhtiyar was quoted.)

Parkinson’s treatment must focus on psychosocial effects  | Medical Xpress

A new report co-authored by UCLA Health neurologist and researcher Dr. Indu Subramanian says many misconceptions and biases cause patients with Parkinson’s to be stereotyped, devalued and shunned, which along with a progressive loss of functionality and independence, often lead to “self-stigma,” with declining self-esteem and increasing anxiety and depression. (Subramanian was quoted.)

Intersection named in memory of woman who sparked Iran protests | Reuters

Los Angeles, the second most populous U.S. city, is home to an Iranian community of nearly 138,000 people, of the 400,000-620,000 people of Iranian ancestry in the United States, according to the University of California, Los Angeles.