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UCLA no. 1 public university for 7th straight year | La Opinión

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) were considered the two best public schools in the United States, 2024, according to a ranking published by U.S. Public Schools. News and World Report. (UCLA Chancellor Gene Block was quoted. Translated from Spanish. Also: New York Times, KTLA-TV, KABC-TV and KTTV-TV.)  

UCLA class explores the history of L.A.’s labor movements | KCRW 89.9-FM

“More and more students are interested in labor topics, as you can imagine. But I was drawn to teach this course because Los Angeles has such a dramatic labor history. Los Angeles was for a long time known as the bastion of the open shop,” said UCLA’s Toby Higbie.

California sues big oil companies | KCRW 89.9-FM’s ‘Press Play’

“In this lawsuit, the state of California is suing some of the biggest fossil fuel companies out there, including Shell and Exxon and BP and others, for climate change harms. The state is claiming these companies are violating California law by selling fossil fuels into the California market when those companies knew and have known for a long time about the dangers of fossil fuels in causing climate change,” said UCLA’s Cara Horowitz (approx. 1:15 mark).

India suggests renaming the country | LAist 89.3-FM’s ‘AirTalk’

“I think that there are several considerations here. Let me begin with a very mundane one; some people will say it’s more than mundane. But about a couple months ago, the opposition party within India, as we all now the opposition party is really fragmented, they came together in an alliance,” said UCLA’s Vinay Lal (approx. 5:45 mark).

Ghost helps brands unload | Los Angeles Business Journal

Chris Tang, a professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, said that excess inventory is a consistent problem for brands, an issue caused in part by variable customer demand, market dynamics, shipping delays and how early retailers must order inventory to receive it on time. 

‘Most misunderstood birds in North America’ are female | New York Times

Every Memorial Day weekend since 2020, the five members of the Galbatross Project have hosted Female Bird Day to encourage birders to identify, appreciate and collect data on what they call the “most misunderstood birds in North America.” “Humans are visual creatures,” said Joanna Wu, a doctoral student in the ecology and evolutionary biology program at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a member of the Galbatross Project. “We are attracted to things that are bright. In North America, that tends to be male birds.”

‘Social touch’ responses in mice | Spectrum

A new assay measures how mice respond to social touch, a type of interaction that fosters kinship and facilitates communication between animals. This test could help scientists study reactions to social touch in animal models of autism and understand how the brain drives these behaviors … This new test “allows us to tackle very complex behaviors that might not be possible with freely moving assays,” says study investigator Trishala Chari, a doctoral candidate in Carlos Portera-Cailliau’s lab at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Climate change made Libya flooding 50 times more likely | ABC News

Alex Hall, director of UCLA Center for Climate Science, told ABC News that events like the one in Libya are much more likely to occur because of greenhouse gas emissions of the past 150 years and that “there is now about 10% more water vapor in the atmosphere,” Hall explained that this serves as extra fuel for storms and leads to more intense precipitation.

Families upended by shootings push for gun law changes | Associated Press

“Families will do whatever it takes to restore that sense of protection that wasn’t there that day, even if that means having to talk with, raise their voices and share what they experienced as a family, and what their kids experienced, with people that they know may not even give them the respect of listening,” said Melissa Brymer, director of the Terrorism & Disaster Program at the UCLA/Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress.

California Planned Parenthood employees unionize | CalMatters

Cathren Cohen, staff attorney at the UCLA Center on Reproductive Health, Law and Policy, said some patients seeking abortions may be traveling from states where bans have not yet been legalized or instituted. “When people hear the news about the introduction of bans in states like North Carolina, Florida or even Arizona, there is a significant chilling effect,” she said. “People don’t seek out care because they think it is illegal, even if it is six months before those laws go into effect.”

Anti-LGBTQ+ policies make higher ed less safe | Inside Higher Ed

Colleges and universities today offer a different environment than the one I experienced. But while progress has been made, a study completed by the Point Foundation in collaboration with the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law finds that LGBTQ+ students are still more likely to face bullying, harassment and assault on campus, and more likely to have poor mental health, when compared to their heterosexual and cisgender peers.

Why getting paid Wednesdays instead of Fridays makes a difference | CNBC

I could also be experiencing something called the “endowment effect,” Hal Hershfield, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Management, told me. The endowment effect refers to an emotional bias where once you own something, you value it more than if you didn’t. 

What’s the best way to treat body acne? | New York Times

Pimples, blackheads and white heads popping up on your back, chest and backside may bring back memories of your teenage years. However, body acne is a common condition for adults, too, said Dr. Caroline Opene, a dermatologist at the University of California, Los Angeles Health.