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Restoration of historic Westwood theater completed | KTLA-TV

Renovations at the historic Crest Theatre in Westwood are officially complete, following a $24 million renovation by UCLA. The Crest Theatre is now the UCLA Nimoy Theater, aka, the Nimoy, named after the late filmmaker and “Star Trek” star Leonard Nimoy. The renovated theater is located on Westwood Boulevard and will provide UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance a “flexible, state-of-the-art performance center.” (Also: KABC-TV.)  

New twist in Donald Trump classified documents case | MSNBC

“What it is, is totally probative of the one he already has. That is, this is playing around with note cards and the like shows he’s cavalier, shows he’s very Trumpian. But what you just read, Chris, is the real punchline here. Knowing that the FBI wants to interview her, he says ‘you don’t know anything about the boxes.’ And by the way, we know that that’s clearly a lie. It sounds like it, anyway,” said UCLA’s Harry Litman (approx. 2:00 mark).

Why policies to promote affordable housing can fail | BNN Bloomberg

“Developers are like almost anyone. They’re going to do what is most convenient for them. And property development is intrinsically a risky and time-consuming endeavor. The developers want to get their projects done. So, if the government, either by intent or by accident, set up these incentives such that the easiest thing to do is pay the fine, rather than set aside some units, it’s not surprising that the developers would just pay the fine,” said UCLA’s Michael Manville.

Parkinson’s patients often battle a hidden foe: Stigma | HealthDay News

“I think there’s a lot of commonalities with people when they first get the diagnosis,” said study co-author Dr. Indu Subramanian, a neurologist at UCLA Health, in Los Angeles. “They’re embarrassed, they’re ashamed, they feel like they did something to deserve it — ‘Why me?’ They isolate, they think they’re the only person who’s living with this, and they tend to sort of spiral into sometimes very negative thought processes.”

Thousands of Central Valley water wells risk failure | Los Angeles Times

UCLA law students Adrianne Davies, Owen McAleer and Gabi Rosenfeld, who did research and testified on the measure in the Legislature, wrote in a recent blog post that the bill would “level the playing field for all groundwater users, particularly small farmers and farmers of color, and would align the adjudication process more closely with the goals of SGMA.”

Accused killer of L.A. deputy heard voices, bought gun | Los Angeles Times

“If a person is being detained on an involuntary hold for 72 hours as a danger to themselves or others, the detaining facility is required to report the initiation of that hold to the California Department of Justice and “the firearms prohibition is under their purview,” said Dr. Ariel Seroussi, medical director for psychiatric emergency services at UCLA.