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Odds are tilting toward another wet winter for California | Los Angeles Times

“Right now, if you had to put money on it, the good money would probably be on a significantly wetter-than-average second half to winter in particular,” [UCLA’s Daniel] Swain said during a briefing Thursday, noting that those months are already the wettest time of year in Central and Southern California.

Restoration of historic Westwood theater completed | New York Times

After being dormant for seven years, the old Crest Theater in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles reopened this week as the UCLA Nimoy Theater, a new performance venue for the university’s Center for the Art of Performance.

Mice walk after paralysis from spinal cord injury | Science Daily

In a new study in mice, a team of researchers from UCLA, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Harvard University have uncovered a crucial component for restoring functional activity after spinal cord injury. The neuroscientists have shown that re-growing specific neurons back to their natural target regions led to recovery, while random regrowth was not effective. (UCLA’s Dr. Michael Sofroniew was quoted.)

Are COVID vaccine concerns impacting flu-shot rates? | USA Today

A UCLA study from 2022 found that adult flu vaccination rates dropped in the same states that had low rates of COVID-19 vaccination. The study’s findings suggest factors that cause low COVID-19 vaccine rates such as mistrust in the vaccine, concerns about side effects and a lack of trust in government are connected to declines in flu vaccine rates, compared to pre-pandemic years. 

Gun law for restraining orders survives court challenge | Los Angeles Times

A California law that bars people who are under restraining orders from possessing firearms survived a federal court challenge on procedural grounds Thursday, marking a win for gun control advocates … Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor who focuses on 2nd Amendment law, said the ruling shines little light on the 9th Circuit’s posture on gun cases, given that it was decided solely on procedural grounds.

Thanks to UCLA | Santa Monica Daily Press

My frequent visits to UCLA Santa Monica have given me the chance to connect with a great majority of the amazing humans here. The care transcends the typical healthcare checklist.