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Plants have something to say about climate | Los Angeles Times

Humans can express their discomfort with heat, drought and other environmental conditions easily. But according to new research from UCLA biologists, plants are also communicating their ideal conditions in their leaves and wood. Biologists say that could help us better protect native species as we adapt to a changing climate. (UCLA’s Lawren Sack and Camila Medeiros were quoted.)

Confessions of a longtime TV executive | Deadline

(Commentary by UCLA’s Susanne Daniels) With the writers’ strike finally coming to an end, it strikes me that this may be a good opportunity to consider adjusting the process by which “Hollywood” evaluates what new films and TV shows should get the greenlight. Somehow in the ever-evolving pitch process, we seem to have replaced curiosity, collaboration and civility with a cool “show me what you got” attitude. It’s worth rethinking how to approach working with the creative community moving forward.

Chinese adults find new career path: ‘Full-time children’ | Los Angeles Times

“Increasingly, when young people look around, there is almost no one they can rely on except their parents,” said Yunxiang Yan, a UCLA anthropology professor, noting that bonds have been strengthening between parents and children as family sizes shrink. “It’s more complicated than an economic downturn, but the economic downturn is definitely the trigger,” Yan said.

Winter predictions start as El Niño strengthens | USA Today

There’s a lot going on in the global atmosphere and ocean sphere, Daniel Swain, a climatologist at University of California Los Angeles, wrote in his Weather West, a California weather and climate perspectives blog last week. “With record-breaking ocean warmth and a strong or very strong El Niño in place through the winter, it raises the risk of worsening drought in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. But it increases the odds of a wetter than usual winter in California.”

Smoggy days raise short-term odds for stroke | HealthDay News

“People with cardiovascular risk factors should be especially aware of the risks of air pollution, even on a short-term basis, as indicated in this study,” said Dr. Jesus Araujo, a professor of medicine at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and a professor of environmental health sciences with UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health. His advice: If and when air pollution levels rise, such patients should reduce the amount of time they spend outdoors.

UCLA-led team improves Nobel Prize-winning technology | Scienmag

Now, UCLA biochemists, working with pharmaceutical industry scientists, have developed a solution that will make it possible for cryo-EM to acquire high-quality images of smaller protein molecules, too. The scientists engineered a 20 nanometer, cube-shaped protein structure, called a scaffold, with rigid tripod-like protrusions that hold the small proteins in place. (UCLA’s Todd Yeates and Roger Castells-Graells were quoted.)