News van parking at UCLA

News van parking at UCLA remains a challenge
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News vans and large trucks

News van parking at UCLA remains a challenge. To assist broadcast outlets, UCLA Media Relations has identified three parking zones (see map) for use by microwave and satellite news vans coming to campus unannounced:

1.    Southeast curve of Sunset-Westwood Plaza Circle (off of Sunset Boulevard), taking care not to block the fire lane;

2.    East curb of Westwood Plaza, alongside the Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center (opposite the UCPD station);

3.    East side of Gayley Avenue, directly behind Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

News vans may use these areas free of charge. If these areas are unavailable, news vans must check in at a campus parking kiosk for directions to a paid parking area. Note that there is no available news van parking within the campus proper. No parking is allowed in fire lanes.

SUVs, sedans and other standard sized vehicles are not authorized for these areas. Vehicles parked next to red curbs or blocking a fire lane or fire hydrant are subject to ticketing and towing. Campus media relations personnel are unable to assist crews receiving tickets for unpaid or expired parking.

Standard sized vehicles

For planned news events, parking instructions will be provided in advance. For unannounced news events, utilize the spaces listed above, check in at a kiosk or contact a communications officer to make parking arrangements.

•    General news stories: UCLA Media Relations, 310-825-2585.
•    Athletics stories: Athletics Communications, 310-206-7870.
•    Stories at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and David Geffen School of Medicine: Health Sciences Media Relations, 310-794-0777.