Recent news reports have highlighted a 2014 UCLA internal compliance investigation into potential violations of admissions policies in the UCLA Department of Athletics. The investigation was prompted by information that was brought to UCLA’s attention concerning the admission of two student-athletes.

Honesty, integrity and fairness are core values at UCLA and are enshrined in UC and UCLA admissions policies and procedures. UCLA remains absolutely committed to fairness, equity and inclusion in its admission policy.

What did the 2014 compliance report find and recommend?

The specifics of the potential policy violations and the findings of the 2014 compliance report may be found in UCLA’s statement on the matter. The final report resulted in the implementation of additional policies, procedures and staff training to ensure compliance with all UC and UCLA Athletics admissions policies, as well as disciplinary action taken against some personnel for violations of policy. There were no findings of criminal activity in the 2014 compliance report.

What “additional policies” were implemented as a result of the 2014 compliance report?

Prior to the report, there was no restriction on when donations could be accepted from families of prospective student-athletes. Following the report, UCLA Athletics implemented a policy that placed restrictions on donations from families of prospective student-athletes. Other policy changes included requiring athletic department officials to perform an athletic qualifications check for walk-ons. Additionally, athletic department officials implemented a review of all donations to the university made by the families of walk-ons. Similar checks for scholarship student-athletes were deemed unnecessary at the time, based on the belief that any scholarship recipient would far exceed requirements for athletic abilities and would be a sought-after candidate for admission.

Athletic department staff was educated about the policy, and additional education of the coaching and development staffs also took place regarding the prohibition of any discussion of donations prior to admission.

Are the current Department of Justice investigation and the 2014 compliance report related?

As is now commonly known, the 2019 Department of Justice investigation alleges that parents, coaches and others committed criminal actions in violation of federal law.

In 2014, UCLA discovered and addressed potential violations of UC and UCLA Athletics admissions policies that forbid admitting students based on whether their admission would benefit the university financially. As the result of its 2014 investigation, UCLA took disciplinary actions against UCLA employees it found to have violated university policy and implemented policy changes. While no policy violation is acceptable, there were no findings of criminal activity in the 2014 compliance report.

As part of UCLA’s months-long cooperation with the Department of Justice, UCLA shared information regarding the 2014 investigation with the authorities.

Were employees found to have violated policies and were they disciplined?

Disciplinary action was taken against employees found to have violated policies.