The UCLA School of Education & Information Studies and the American Council on Education have formed a partnership to strengthen and lead the Higher Education Research Institute, which is based at UCLA.

The institute, a nationally recognized interdisciplinary research center, hosts the Cooperative Institutional Research Program, the nation’s largest and oldest empirical study of higher education. HERI surveys and research have been managed since 2022 by UCLA CRESST.

“Our partnership will strengthen the impact of HERI as an essential report on the state of students in higher education and to best serve our institutions of higher education,” said Tina Christie, the Wasserman Dean of the School of Education & Information Studies.

Over the next year, the partners will work together to advance HERI and its intellectual and practical impact. UCLA will continue to manage and administer existing surveys, and the partners will produce new HERI survey reports, including a report on data from the Freshman Survey. 

The partnership adds to the expansive research portfolio of the American Council on Education, a national leader in faculty- and president-level higher education research. The work with HERI will expand the scope of its research to include students.

Ted Mitchell, the president of ACE, is a former dean of the UCLA School of Education & Information studies and a former vice chancellor of UCLA.

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