UCLA was notified Monday, April 22, by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health that one of our students had contracted measles. UCLA immediately identified and contacted students, faculty and staff with whom the student may have come into contact or who may have otherwise been exposed. 

On Wednesday, April 24, the Department of Public Health decided to quarantine 119 students and eight faculty members until their immunity could be determined. As of Thursday afternoon, UCLA has established proof of immunity for and released from quarantine 43 of those 119 students, and two of the eight faculty members, reducing the total number still under quarantine to 82. We expect the trend to continue as more people provide proof of immunization or are shown by tests to have immunity to measles.

The quarantine is expected to last between 24 and 48 hours for most of the people who were identified, until their proof of immunity can be established. A few may need to remain in quarantine for up to seven days. We have arranged for students to be cared for at UCLA while they are quarantined.

Message from Chancellor Gene Block

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