This message was shared with the campus community by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Monroe Gorden Jr., Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck and Interim Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Mitchell Chang.

Dear Bruin Community:

As violence continues in the Middle East, and as events and rallies related to the conflict take place on our campus, we have heard from members of our community who are concerned about their safety. We write today to share some of the actions UCLA is taking to promote security, respect and well-being within our community while ensuring our university remains true to its commitment to freedom of expression.

Supporting impacted groups

UCLA’s Student Affairs staff have been meeting with impacted student identity groups and individual students over the past several weeks to support their needs, provide resources and work with those who need academic accommodations. Staff have also been holding reflection spaces for a variety of identity groups through Counseling and Psychological Services and the RISE Center.

Providing resources for all Bruins

The Healthy Climate Initiative website curates a list of available resources for social, emotional and physical health. The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion also maintains a list of resources to support students, faculty and staff during this time.

Responding to discrimination

Although some forms of hate speech may be permitted by the First Amendment, hate speech always runs counter to our campus values and Principles of Community. Discrimination and discriminatory harassment are expressly prohibited by the University of California’s policies pertaining to students, academic personnel and staff. If you encounter discrimination that involves a member of the UCLA faculty or staff, report it to our Civil Rights Office. If you are a student, and the instance of discrimination involves another student, report it to the Dean of Students.

Enhancing security operations

In the past few weeks, UCPD has conducted additional patrols, maintained higher visibility on campus and put in place additional security resources as a precautionary measure to support community safety. Our police department continues to work with regional and national law enforcement agencies to monitor credible threats to the region or to our campus. At on-campus events, UCPD and Student Affairs Monitors — who are trained on free expression rights and de-escalation techniques, and who understand campus policies and operations — are present to defuse possible tensions and protect participants’ right to speak, be heard and hear others.

To adjust our safety operations in real time, UCLA’s Incident Response Team has been meeting regularly to share information and coordinate across multiple departments.

Enforcing codes of conduct and the law

While UCLA champions protected free speech, the use of threats, intimidation, bullying and violence have no place in a university dedicated to learning, respect and mutual understanding. Individuals and groups found to be in violation of the law or UC policy will be held accountable. If you encounter a direct or imminent threat, immediately contact UCPD or call 911.

Staff and faculty across our institution continue to work diligently to promote community safety, well-being and mutual respect. In a difficult moment for our campus, we hope these actions help all Bruins feel supported and able to make progress in their work and studies.


Monroe Gorden Jr.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Michael Beck
Administrative Vice Chancellor

Mitchell Chang
Interim Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion